Siapa cakap $50 to book void deck?

What happened to the cozycot malay muslim wedding forum and why did it close down?? 😦

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Does anyone know of any vendor/carouseller/ig store who does one of these customised rubber stamps? I don’t know what got into me but I feel like I want to have one of these and stamp on every single envelope of my wedding invites. The one I posted looks really great but I’d like to have more choices (read: it’s too expensive haha). If you had this for your wedding or planning to have please help a sister out!

My parents and I went to the town council yesterday to book the void deck. We made the booking for Friday with electricity and water too since my aunt will start her cooking on that night. Cooking on Saturday morning would be too rushing since nikah is at 10am? I don’t know. When will the decor people come to start their work? My aunt said Thursday night and that Friday night would only be for touching up but we’re only booking the place from Friday onwards so is this allowed?

There’s also a clause that states “no obstruction to sheltered passageway to ensure smooth flow of human traffic” (aka building a tentage at the walkway, the one that the annoying hdb officer sternly said no to) and I’ve been freaking out about this eversince lol. Especially when we’re planning to have a separate tentage just for the pelamin. Which will obstruct passageway even more. I’m not exactly a by the book kinda person but I’d rather not get into trouble? My dad told me not to ask the counter staff anything about it. If anything the clause said sheltered passageway and both the places we’re having the tentage at are not sheltered hahah. He was like, “Kita buat tentage so what? Majlis dah start they cannot do anything about it. They want to ban me from using the void deck to hold another majlis? My children are all married by then.” Fierce lah ni bapak. Tak dapat $300 deposit balik baru tahu.

But my ultimate worry is if there’s a cina mati happening before my wedding and by Thursday they tak nak keluar… I know they have to call the town council and the latter won’t accept if they wanna use the void deck if it might drag till Friday but we won’t know!! Janganlah ada jiran aku mati minggu tu 😦 For my sister’s wedding seven years ago, her reception on Sunday was supposed to be until 6pm but at 5pm like that, they came with the mayat and asked us to vacate lah!! I wasn’t at the venue then but I think we wrapped it up quickly so they could use the void deck since the mayat was already there waiting haha wth kan!! Block sebelah ada pe!!

Anyway something interesting – I don’t know if it’s exclusive to my estate but the first clause states to ensure there’s no kuda kepang performance?? Is it gahmen tak suka tengok orang in trance and makan glass?? Haha interesting. Aku pon tak suka.


Venue horror

I nak ceciter sikit. I mentioned the other day I was supposed to meet this HDB officer sometime this week and I did. And I cannot stand her ya Allah 😦 Jumpa bawah block je terus, “okay so if you wanna make a tentage here I’d rather you not cos lat…” WEH baru jumpa kot! Handshake takde, tanye khabar tak nak terus bilang tak boleh buat tentage. She then brought up how this one wedding a few months ago didn’t ask for her approval to build a tentage at the walkway area. That wedding was of course my brother’s HAHAH but I didn’t say anything lah mampos aku kena blacklisted nanti. I confirmed with my dad and he said he didn’t know we have to inform of the tentage. But nvm, different story.

She yak and yak how it’s not okay because it blocks people’s way, especially when it rains and they have nowhere else to walk. I don’t know if you guys can visualise but imagine a long tentage that can hold 5-6 round tables minimum I think? She told me, “but if you really want a tentage here can lah maybe just put one table so people can still walk?” Ah ye, aku bayar almost a thousand to have it kau nak aku taruk satu table je lah? Sure okay boleh why not pasal important sangat kan nak kasi orang jalan macam takde tempat lain gitu. Pfft.

I get it lah. You’re just doing your job so I guess I can understand. But her aura.. my goodness. She looks much younger than me, maybe in early 20s, and she seems really proud that she has this power to forfeit the void deck rental deposit because people don’t want to comply to the rules. I know ni dah macam buruk sangka but I’m not making this up 😦 She literally said she’s totally okay to forfeit any deposit if I don’t ask for her permission. Aku punya MP baey yam keng pon tak cakap macam gini seh.

I can do the booking 6 months before so it’ll be 14 April, which happens to be a PH on a Friday. I casually asked her if this means I can only book on the following week on Monday and she said, “HAHA you no need so chun chun book 6 months before lah!” AKU PUNYA PASAL AH HOW SIANG AKU NAK BOOK!!!!!! Wah damn pek chek talk to her really.

I read somewhere how this bride couldn’t stand seeing all the old bicycles at her void deck so she decided to ask her town council about it and after a while with their help, she managed to get most of them cleared off the area. Ntah asal I decided to ask her the same thing when I know I will get an unbothered reply. She mentioned there’s a notice every few months for residents to clear their unused bikes or smth (I’ve never seen such notice and the old bikes have been there for years I think). This part I got lazy and I told her I’d better make a move first.

Ikutkan hati nak cakap je pasal cina mati yang sampai satu minggu……….. itu lagi tak boleh jalan but yelah, aku diam je. Siapalah aku.

Venue woes

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My siblings had their weddings at our void deck and I know for a fact that I’ll have the same thing. It seems to be the most practical and obviously the cheapest option for a two day event. Since the nikah falls on a Saturday, my parents would expect people to be coming then and stay till so late at night.. which I can’t have at a community centre. I think it’s unfortunate that there’s no mph in my vicinity otherwise I’d love to hold my wedding there. So I have never really considered doing it at any other venue until I realise how cramped and small my void deck is. There are so many pillars which makes the space very narrow, the letter box area takes up so much space, there are two bicycle parking racks and by looking at it you know they have been left there for what it feels like 700 years.

Having a small void deck means I’d (or my parents? haha) have to fork out extra cash for a tentage just to accomodate more guests. And we’re talking about thousands okay! Which I was very unhappy about when I found out it was the case for my brother’s wedding. It makes you think you might as well have it at a nearby cc but then you know it’s not gonna work out for a two day event and then you go back thinking about your void deck but got reminded of the $2,000 for a bloody tentage and you get upset and suddenly you don’t wanna do anything anymore. It’s a cycle.

One night I was discussing this with my mom and I suggested using the mph near my aunt’s place. I have never seen it haha but I think it’s huge and with the right decor, my wedding would be beautiful okay. I was that desperate lah. But how is that going to work out? Does that mean I’ll get ready at my aunt’s place? What about my dulang hantarans? Where am I going to put them? Or am I gonna get ready at my house and make my way to the mph? Where’s the convenience of going up and down the house to get something? Or can I book my friend’s void deck somewhere opposite my house under her father’s name? At least I can still get ready at my place and just cross the road to sanding right?

I’m obviously having unnecessary and shallow thoughts. My siblings’ weddings were held at the same small void deck I was whining about and they’re now happily married. No difference to their marriage status even if they had married at a $13,000 venue (joyden hall??).