-59: Dua bulan lagi!


(Photo credit: Sham.sydar A.ni)

Two days ago was our first year anniversary of being engaged! And in exactly two months this time we’ll be done with everything, packing for our honeymoon and can finally put this all aside but right now I can’t so here’s a lengthy update on three main things.

Wedding card: All 600 arrived yesterday but the guy got the design completely wrong. Same color scheme but it’s not what I asked for. I’ve been liaising with him but on the day when I went over to his place to choose the design, I liaised with his wife and I suspect she had written the card code wrong. What’s ridiculous is that he knew which design I’ve been talking about when he’s doing the drafts yet he settled with what his wife had written. I’m not blaming the wife lah but.. ape ni..

My aunt (the caterer/planner who works with this guy since the card booking is part of her package) is upset that this happened and wanted him to reprint everything for me. I said no lah of course. Am I upset? Obviously lah. I was outside when my aunt came to deliver the cards and my mom sent me a picture and I was like wait….. what….. no….

Ikutkan hati nak je dia reprint cos I don’t know if he’s apologetic about it like he didn’t even text me to say sorry about the mix up. But the content is correct and it’s just the front design yang lain which doesn’t look too bad lah actually. Just that it’s not what I initially wanted so adalah terkilan sikit. I’ll just let this go lah. With this my wedding card is settled so yay I guess.

Henna: The (only) henna artist that I want since April went mia after ramadan for more than a month so I couldn’t book a slot (she said she’d only open in July but mia) so I was just waiting and waiting. She suddenly had a booth last two weekends and I was ecstatic okay and super kancheong so I made Ghibli drive me there to book her for my wedding…. only to find out that she’ll be overseas on my wedding week. I was just like …wtf but haha it’s not her fault lah obviously. But if you had replied my emails I could have used the time to source for alternatives you know? Haha whatever lah.

So I did just the past two weeks and they are either not free or I don’t like their works (i.e. super dark/black cappings). The one who fits the bill now decided to not reply my email from two weeks ago despite me sending two follow ups. Again I’ll just wait until she suddenly tells me she’s not available so I have an excuse to punch myself in the face. In the end kalau tak ada then I’ll just go henna-less lah. Tak payah nak susah susah makan panadol pasal pening sangat dengan bau dia sampai muntah muntah.. which happened to me when I got mine done at the booth.

Decor: Again this falls under my aunt but the guy has his own decor company so he’s pretty legit and I’m not worried. We met up two weeks ago and I thought we’d be discussing the color etc but it was just to discuss where goes what. It’ll be a completely different set up from my brother’s wedding last October in terms of where the food will be, having an extra tentage for the pelamin, using only half of the void deck so it’s gonna be cramp af with guests and tables.

He said we’ll only be discussing the decor itself next month after he’s settled with his upcoming events. I don’t think I’m so particular about this. I know the color scheme that I want and it’s all something that he’s done before so I leave it to him cos I know he’s gonna pull it off. I don’t have a moodboard up on my pinterest because it’s just gonna sakitkan hati when reality doesn’t match up with my expectations. Like my wedding cards ahahhahais

I should be done settling the photobooth matters this week, stamping my wedding envelopes this weekend because I finally received my customised rubber stamp yay, finalise the itinerary (tak abis abis seh ni dari start of the year lagi)… and I think that’s all for this month. Everything else I will dump to next month to settle!!

100, soon


Selamat hari raya, everyone! ♥♥♥

Right now we’re in between the 3-4 months to the wedding, and next week it will be the start of double digit countdown time. I can’t believe how fast time passes by. The start of the year feels like yesterday but at the same time it feels like so long ago? I know 3.5 months will go by in a flash but I still feel like my wedding isn’t until a year from now. I haven’t thought much about the wedding itself, we’ve been mostly discussing about our life after like housing (boleh jadi bahan pergaduhan everytime we discuss this k) and our raya itinerary for next year haha.

We finally got our rings settled yesterday. Nothing fancy, nothing too simple either. It has a thick band and I really like it! There was one time I was at this particular Lee Hwa outlet and the SA insisted I get myself a solitaire ring and you know lah, I cannot wear a diamond solitaire. The one I’ll end up liking would probably cost $5xxx and the ones I can afford would look so dainty on my already thick finger. But he totally disregarded the one I had my eyes my on and said my choice is nothing as compared to the solitaire yang dia mati mati nak aku beli?? Sure it’s nice but ape ni. Ding dong ding dong here and there and when he realised that we were not gonna make any deposit that night, member terus brought us to the door and said see you again next time. Dia halau kita okay!!! So far all of the customer service we’ve gotten at other LH outlets were really good but this one made me want to vomit only pfft.

July should be the month where we get to select our outfits and I am soooo looking forward to this walaupun it’s at freaking toh guan. There are some outfits that I like but not sure how they’ll look on me and Ghibli so luckily this bridal can try try as many as we like. And only then I’ll decide what colors my girls will be wearing. We’re getting our nikah outfits done by RN and this is something I am absolutely dreading. I’ve heard quite a few bad/mediocre reviews and now I don’t know if paying an additional $500 was a good choice. The customer service is horrendous. I asked them to correct my contact number on the invoice which they got wrong and they were all like “because i follow what u gave me above” LOL yah I accidentally gave a digit wrong which I corrected within seconds takkan bengap sangat masih pakai number tu!! Ape punya alasan ni. Then a month ago I texted again asking when would be the first appointment and they said, “I will get bck to u regarding the slots ok. it will be this mth.” Wahlao that time this month is ramadan okay and I asked again lah kalau July boleh tak and then she gave me the blue tick. Something tells me she’ll end up calling that wrong number when the time comes. I don’t know if I mengada-ngada sangat but ya Allah I don’t want to deal with them lah 😦

My brother and his wife are only moving out exactly a month to the wedding. This means I have less than a month to turn the room into a bridal chamber. To get new furniture, to paint, to decorate in less than a month seems daunting. There are so many other things to settle, aren’t there? Decor, bridal, hantaran, henna. Dulu cakap nak do everything after raya and now that the time has come, I have no idea where to start. I’m still pretty relaxed. Don’t know if that’s a good thing.


Setengah tahun lagi gang!


I’m left with less than six months to the wedding (WHAT! where did the time go?!) and it has also been six months since my last (also the first) meeting with my caterer (who will also be doing my decor, berkat, wedding card, wedding cake, bridal room, sirih dara, bunga pahar, bunga rampai..) haha actually everything lah but saje nak type semua.

We finally had another meeting to finalise some things yesterday and I’m extremely glad we’re engaging a relative (the caterer’s my uncle’s wife) to be in charge of the entire wedding. It’s so easy to communicate and negotiate and she knows what I like and what I don’t and I can’t imagine having this kinda conversations with an outsider. I mean, how do you exactly ask your caterer to use the fish head from sunday’s menu to cook up kari kepala ikan for saturday night? Hahah. Sometimes I feel kita mengada ngada since tukang masak is sedara sendiri but she’s genuinely obliging so we’re all happy!

Anyway, just last weekend I was on instagram and I came across this super nice wedding card/berkat vendor from Malaysia and I was half begging my mother to let me have this and not use my aunt’s even though it’s all included in the package. She didn’t mind and I was already asking the Malaysian lady a million questions. Satisfied with the design and price quoted until she told me it will cost RM250 TO SHIP THE 600 PIECES OF WEDDING CARDS AND ENVELOPES TO SINGAPORE. 2 5 0 W T H. So I’m back to using what my aunt is providing. I’ll have to liaise directly with her wedding card vendor and I won’t know the designs until end of the month when he’s back in Singapore so we’ll see. Lesson learnt lah. Jangan gatal tengok tengok instagram kalau dah settle benda. Buat sakit hati je haha.

For this month I’m left to settle the rental of aircooler units, booking of void deck this Saturday, and buying kains for my family next Sunday. Yay! Excited to be busy with wedding planning all over again hehe.

Tolong buatkan itinerary please!

It’s December soon.. which means we have about 10 months to go.. which is very fast.. and slow at the same time.. but we’re still adamant about starting it proper next year. Whatever proper is heh.

I’ve always had this idea of having the nikah and bertandang on the same day because it’s so easy and orang cakap biar abiskan penat satu hari. This was blatantly rejected by my parents because they think it’d be too hectic? And “oh, kakak dengan abang nikah hari sabtu so yours will be the same lah” -.- The only thing my parents and I have agreed on is a big nope to a combined reception. It saves money but.. when you’re boyan and your mom would like to believe she knows every boyan in singapore.. it’s not feasible at all. Imagine 1000pax wedding, and your invites is 750 while the groom’s side is 250.. mana aci lol. Combined lah sangat.

So I was playing the nikah on saturday and sanding on sunday itinerary in my head for so many weeks until Ghibli’s mom mentioned all the caterers she liked are fully booked or they don’t do weddings for 500 pax. Less than a year seh, mane nak carik slot lagi. And now aku dah malas nak type panjang panjang so this will all be in bullet point:

  • Both side suddenly agreed to have his reception after the nikah on Saturday while mine will be the whole day on Sunday
  • Because it won’t be held at his SIL’s void deck anymore (which is 10mins away from my place and something I was extremely happy about cos it saves a lot of time on travelling back and forth) but at a restaurant in Orchard Road….. punya jauh
  • Which means the nikah in the early afternoon has to be pushed forward to in the morning at 10am-ish as his reception is from 12pm-4pm
  • Ghibli and I are okay with wearing the nikah outfit the entire day but my family were all like “ehhh ape ni pengantin busuk busuk sama baju satu hari berlengas nanti badan” and insisted we get our own baju nikah and have a change of outfit
  • Which I absolutely hate because I never had that creativity of designing my own outfit and I don’t know what kind of kain is appropriate enough for a nikah
  • At that point in time Raf.fiey Na.sir had their $550 promo and my father was sold when I told him about it and he got it for me (YAY!) but communicating with the person behind it is sooooo annoying somehow I’m not looking forward having to deal with this vendor
  • But wearing two songkets from Naw.warah is making me secretly excited hehe
  • My biggest worry now is the extra $$$ we have to fork out because there’s no way the whole two day event will be under 10hours for mak andam, kakak amek gambar and abang amek video 😦
  • The itinerary is also a headache because wouldn’t my Sunday reception technically be a combined wedding sans his guests? There won’t be kompang and would it be easier if he got ready at my place but this means there won’t be the whole bertandang pengantin perempuan duduk kat pelamin kena tutup dengan kipas is it? Vat is diz……

I am looking forward to next year. I am definitely looking forward to meet Ramadan again inshallah. I also managed to khatam the Quran again two weeks ago alhamdulillah and would love to do it once more before October next year. And lose some weight without having to give up spicy nuggets 😦 Research on a good and beneficial marriage prep course that won’t make Ghibli play twister with eight other men infront of the whole class hahaha..

Actually the more I see it, the more starting proper means changing myself as opposed to planning for the wedding.

Aduh bapak! Dak dik duk hatiku!

THIS IS MY WEDDING JAM OKAY!! My mother’s brother got married when I was exactly a year old and I have zero memories of the wedding, obviously, I mean was a baby wth. But there were some videos of the wedding (was there already a camcorder in 1992??) and I swear I think this song was on repeat the entire time?! It’s like I don’t hear any other songs being played but this. So this is my only memory of my uncle’s wedding. When we were preparing for my brother’s wedding two weeks ago, I made everyone in the house listen to this on repeat and in turn they got super pissed with me. And you can bet what will be overplayed on my own wedding… BUT I LOVE THIS SONG. Especially the dance move at the 2:52 minute.

Anyway, happy update! I (okay fine, my father..) made the deposit to the caterer yesterday night! And the caterer is my.. aunt! Not the same aunt who had the song above on repeat on her wedding eh haha. A few days before the meeting my father had already created his own menu!! When he was reading the menu to me I literally felt like this ??!!??!?! You know how some people always say things like “oohh, bila agaknya dapat makan nasi minyak eh hehe” when they’re hinting about your wedding day? I have no answer for this people because there won’t be nasi minyak on my wedding day!! My father proposed a nasi padang menu to my aunt!! Rendang padang?? Sotong sumbat??? Mana seh dia dapat idea ni semua? I know there are many others who had such spread on their weddings but nasi minyak and ayam masak merah and SAMBAL GORENG PENGANTIN (T_T) is such a staple wedding food I thought I would have those! Pakkal it’s my aunt. Kalau tak takde orang agaknya nak layan dia punya tekak nak makan ayam kalio.

The package also includes decor, sound entertainment, invitation cards, and wedding favors. Initially I already had a vendor in mind to do my cards and favors, a package which will cost me $1,600. I thought this was okay for something that is so pretty (you know, those floral/watercolor designs that’s everywhere on instagram) but suddenly taking up the package seems much more ideal. $1,600 is a hell lot of money I get to save. Besides, the design of the invites in the package is those kinda cards you’d get years back case kena bukak sini flip sana which to me is very classic. Of course there are people who still do this lah yang sanggup drive up to johor but the ones I receive now are just single piece invites. Tengok lah, benda merepek nitty gritty gini yang aku focus on. Mana bapak aku tak bising.

And the decor’s pretty decent too! I had actually emailed at least ten decor companies for their rates because I was quite adamant about having a separate vendor for this when my parents decided to engage my aunt as the caterer. But they’re all at least $3,000 and I think it would have to come out from my own pocket and cannot lah guys, three grand is no joke. With additional stage/tentage at the void deck, inshallah everything will please my eyes. I’ll just get my aunt to inform me of the upcoming wedding dates she’s cooking for so I can kepo kepo and get the feel. There will be two decor companies for me to choose from and when the time comes, I’ll just work with the one I like more.

Also, my aunt asked if I already have a cake (again, I have one in mind that I want to use) and I was surprised that she wanted to sponsor me one! I think it’s one of those cake in a jar kinda tower because she kept showing me pictures of that. Alhamdulillah. I was quoted $300+ for my cake choice but between this and saving money, I’m all about the latter right now.

Things are going smoothly and inshallah it will be as smooth throughout this entire journey of wedding planning. I wanted to settle the major vendors by the end of the year but it’s not even November yet. I guess I can really relek now and save more money for next year’s expenses like barang-barang dulang and cincin kahwin.


Managed to secure my videographer of choice yesterday! Well.. in all honesty not really my number one choice but I really do like them! They do a lot of this aerial cinematography which I really love and hope they can produce the same for mine.

I started asking around 15 days ago and even after receiving a few quotations, somehow I still went back to Merah.In.Motion (MIM). They’re not the cheapest out of the lot but from what I’ve compared, they are providing the most. From the hours of service, to the number of videos I’ll receive, the complimentary outdoor coverage… and the best thing, $200 discount!! Which was totally unexpected and came out of nowhere but because of it, we managed to not exceed our budget for photography and videography combined.

Ghibli was the one who tried to set an appointment with them because I was really busy with work. And I hated it. It’s so messy and I hate not being in the loop, not being the one coordinating it all, not being the point of contact. Totally a bridezilla in the making, I know. I told him to tell the guy from MIM that we wanted to know more about the package and what’s included during the appointment but the latter was sorta implying that we should only meet once the both of us are agreeable to the quotation? Whaatt.. I know we’re all busy people but I was quite turned off by this? Ghibli said yes anyway and then the guy from MIM said if we signed the contract during the appointment, he’d give us a discount of $200 and suddenly I really like him HAHAHA!

So anyway.. guy from MIM seems really awkward and nervous which works well for Ghibli because he’s exactly like that. We talked about how annoying some relatives are when they decide to be the “photographers” and “videographers” and block the official ones out of the way? So he suggested that I should have a laser pointer and point to the makcik from the pelamin!! Irritating haha!! Can totally imagine I’ll be raising my voice from the dias and go all “cik, MOVE! saya dah bayar beribu for these people so OUTTA THE WAY NOW.” Mampos kena banned dari kenduri nanti. Nice chap.. he wanted me to send some of their videos that I like so they can produce a similar work. Totally gonna send the video above heh.

So yay! We’ve only been engaged for three weeks and I managed to settle four vendors already.


I once went to a wedding of a relative a year ago and after that day, I decided to have a photobooth service for my very own. The wedding didn’t have any, and all of my makciks and pakciks who rewang for the event were just sitting at the back talking and looking pretty bored. It was then that I thought if there was a photobooth, my makciks and pakciks could have spent the time not looking so bored. Haha excuses..

I would classify photobooth as one of those remeh-temeh services that I’d only start sourcing out for next year because seriously, it won’t make or break my wedding. But lo and behold, it’s the third thing that I’ve booked so far. On a side note, I’ve started looking at wedding invitations (13 months prior wth!) and at this rate, I won’t be surprised if I manage to place my deposits for everything before 2017 starts lol.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that photobooth is very expensive? One even quoted me $780 for 2 hours!! With a budget of $500, I wasn’t able to settle with anything. I had a few criterias such as unlimited photos for guests (because making them pay $1 for a copy is extremely ridiculous and I wish such package doesn’t exist) and it has to be in filmstrips and not a 4R print.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.31.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.31.46 PM

(Photo credit: @hur.hur.photo.booth)

SO NICE! Hur.hur Photo.booth also allows you to customise the backdrop, have a number of customised props, customise the filmstrip.. and it doesn’t exceed my budget by that much! In fact if I take the package with no customised backdrop, it doesn’t exceed at all! But lesser hours, of course. I guess I’ll decide on this nearer to the date when the itinerary is confirmed.

I really like the guestbook too! Not the usualy kind where guests will paste and write their messages messily. This one’s neat and for someone who has a knack for having her things proper and organized, I’d appreciate this very much lol.

I’m so excited for this! I hope I get the chance to take some photos at the booth even if it means I have to the leave the dais!!