-90: ROMM & Bridal & RN


(Photo Credit: Hafizudin Hamdan)

We took leave on the 10th to settle both our ROMM and outfit selection with our bridal. I have been looking forward to this day because yay settle benda benda kahwin so excited lah sikit since I haven’t been doing any wedding planning lately… even though it’s three months away haha.

ROMM was.. ROMM lah y’all know what to expect kan. We went on Monday, reached there at 10.30am and it was packed! We were told by the lady who verified our details that it basically works the same as polyclinics; mondays and fridays will always be packed. But it was a nice kinda packed? Seeing all these other young couples who are probably as eager as us to settle down. “Bapak, IC pak mana??” and “Pa, you can go in now. No no you go in first, nanti I masuk.” Hahaha kecoh gila I love it. I always thought we had to enter separately but maybe they were rushing for time so Ghibli and I entered at the same time? I don’t know. We were done in 45 minutes so maybe kalau pergi on Wednesday when it’s tak packed boleh abis in 10 minutes kot haha. Before making a move my parents took photos everywhere macam lah dorang yang baru abis interview.

From Fort Canning to Mustafa for lunch and then headed to Toh Guan after zuhur for Naw.warah Bri.dal! I guess it was okay.. but can’t help to feel I’m actually disappointed, like something I don’t want to admit? I want to pen down my experience but also don’t feel comfortable cos maybe there are people here who know them personally or maybe she’s in this platform too since she’s a BTB herself. But it’s not them lah. It’s me. It’s my fat ass to be precise. But it’s my blog kan so anyway..

We were told to choose the outfits we want to try but it was hard to see the dresses properly when they’re on the racks. Chose the ones I’ve saved on instagram but when I was in the fitting room, I couldn’t fit into any of them. I wasn’t sure if they’ve opened their jahitan or if it’s already at the max though. Ghibli’s rule to songket is only pastels and no loud/bold patterns/colours. And at this point I was freaking out because I feel like I didn’t have much choice left? Picking what I like now becomes picking what I can fit into. Sedih tak dengar? Haha. Suddenly I was made to try on this red/maroon songket with gold embellishments and although it looked good on me (hahaha), I know Ghibli didn’t like how it looked on him although he said it’s fine. I wanted to cry because what if I end up wearing something I don’t like and that I’m only wearing it because it’s the only one that fits?? For the record, I’m a UK10 for top and a UK12 for bottom. I’ve always had problems accepting my body and this bridal fitting only magnified my issue. Gahhhh.

So did I manage to find the right outfits? Yeah, sorta. They weren’t in my list prior to the appointment but you can’t have everything you want right. Also, I tried on at least 10 different dresses (6 songkets and 4 evening gowns) in three hours so I told myself I better like at least three of them. Ghibli got his two light coloured songkets so he’s not complaining and I really like the songket I’ll be wearing on my reception day so I look forward to that more. This was an exhausting appointment. I don’t know how brides are okay with not trying on outfits. So many I thought would look good on me actually tak lah lawa sangat hahahais

On Tuesday, RN (or his team I don’t know and tak nak tahu) texted if I was okay to meet him on Saturday (15th, yesterday) and I quickly said yes haha. I did text them the week before asking when would the first appointment be and after a few texts exchanged they still hadn’t answered my question and I got blue-ticked. So this time I said yes right away. I asked how the appointment was gonna be and they said 20 minutes hahaha terus skeptical gila okay.

Saturday came and the meeting did take less than half an hour okay! But we really got everything settled so lain kali husnudzon lahhh haha. We came knowing the exact color and design we I want so I guess this played a part. I said I because the only question he asked Ghibli was, “nak cekak musang ke telok blangah?” while I nak ni, nak tu, macam gini, macam gitu. I showed him a lot of his designs I found on instagram that he himself have never seen before (as in the photos) and he’s very surprised I managed to get hold of them ahaha. I’d rather get my inspirations from the designer himself so at least I know he’s capable of doing the same you know what I mean? RN is very accommodating and gave his opinions a lot. I told him I wanted a soft mermaid cut but my hips is telling me not to. He disagreed and said it’s very possible so yay. Random information: when he took my hip measurement he said Shila Amzah has the same measurement. Oh..kay.. can..

We also booked our flights for our honeymoon after skyscanner prompted that the price dropped $106 per pax! So we managed to get it at $338 and today I checked it’s back to $475 nyehehehe.

So there! My eventful wedding planning week.  Pending appointment with my decor, replies from my card vendor and henna artist of choice, my girls to choose the fabric they want to wear, wedding shoes and bouquet to arrive from online. All in this month!


Don’t say hornymoon! Cringy!

Whenever people ask where I’d like to go for my honeymoon my answer is always the same – somewhere that has a nice villa equipped with a private pool. I’m not much of an activity person (not so fun fact: I have a fear of the ocean and sky but I’d want to try parasailing.. confused, confused child, indeed) so I guess I’ll be okay if the itinerary doesn’t involve any of this kot? I just want to relax right after the wedding and nua in the villa all day long. As quoted by my future sister in law, “but honestly.. honeymoon.. if you go to a place that has a lot of scenery or activity, you may not take it up cos you’ll be occupied with your own activities..” Wallahu’alam eh, I’ll just pretend I don’t know what she means by that haha. Honestly, I get really uncomfortable whenever people equate honeymoon with lots of sex (banyak punya pretend tak tahu). I mean.. yeah.. that’s probably what’s gonna happen lol.. but tak payah lah say it to my face liddat…

So I have been spending the past two days reading up on Lombok, particularly Gili Meno. Which is an island recommended if “you’re travelling with a loved one and are a seeking stunning beach escape to set a romantic mood”. It was never in my list but it has always been in Ghibli’s for god knows what reason. We’ve argued quite a number of times while discussing honeymoon destinations and suddenly one day I dah pasrah and ikutkan aje kehendak dia. (Quite a sad fact: I have never travelled alone or with my friends. Obviously never with him pasal ada batasan hahaha). Gili Meno is a pain to get to and after hours of researching, I feel it’s best we make use of the villa pick up service which will cost a million rupiah per way. Boleh kot kalau nak sampai the airport and go je but we’d rather pay a little bit and have a peace of mind knowing that everything’s under control.

This place looks nice! Not many places in Meno have private pools I think. But then again, everything looks nice when they’re on the official website right haha. Then when you reach.. hampeh… but kk inshallah tak. I’m not sure if I’m excited about the place or just the prospect of seeing this part of the world with him hehe. We’re leaving on my busy period, right smack in the middle of uni students having their exams. But do I care? Of course not 🙂

Now 9 months is such a looooongg looooongg wait..