-46: amah-amah pengantin

I came to work today without my laptop. I only realised when I was already at Raffles Place (I work at Tiong Bahru) and I wanted to cry because how am I supposed to do my work right??? Found out my colleague is on leave today so I borrowed her desktop but my work’s restricted because I don’t remember my passwords. So, so sian. Of all days, the day where I am so gung-ho to do my work and this happens. Down, I asked forced my two male colleagues to have lunch at Seah Im food centre to get my Thaksin beef noodle and I got it!! So now I’m okay again and here I am. I also realise I have about 30 working days (not including all the time-offs/leave I’m gonna take for my wedding appointments) before I go for my marriage/honeymoon leave awhhhh yeahhhh~

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SO ANYWAY need to pen this down so I’ll remember forever. Something happened two days ago on Sunday! The girls threw me something I never thought I’d have… a party to remind me I’ll be stuck to the same penis forever hahahah ish.

A month ago R said she got some vouchers for free trial sessions at Karva and coincidentally (or not idk now) I was planning to get a full mani/pedi and since this is free I was like YES PLS I WANT. The day came and the three (N/R and I) of us had lunch and went for our appointment at 3pm. Two (S/L) were working (LIARS and I forgot it was a Sunday so I stupidly believed they were working) so we were waiting for them to have dinner together. We were done in two hours, walked around, then L texted she was at the airport sending her friend off and asked if we could have dinner at Changi City Point. I said yes because suddenly terpikir pasal Bagus foodcourt and their fried kway teow. I wanted to take the train but N/R wanted to uber there (I wasn’t suspecting anything because they uber/grab everywhere). We three sat at the back with me in the middle (again I wasn’t suspecting anything because I am just nonchalant/bengap lah eh by nature). We were at ECP when suddenly N took my phone.. and my hands.. and R went “I’m sorry K but I have to do this….” and proceeded to blindfold me (so so tight I swear my eyeballs rolled to the back of my head k) and tied my hands and I was just like…. what….the…..fcuk…………

Long story short, I opened the blindfold and the first thing I saw was the “SAME PENIS FOREVER” balloons and I turned to see all four of them behind the food table. And then I (almost) cried a river because…. asal aku bodoh sangat tak suspect a single thing at all?????? I was so, so touched. By this time I still didn’t even know I was in a hotel room hahaha I thought it was a nice space they rented that was equipped with television, microwave and washing machine since I didn’t see any bed/bathroom (which was behind the closed door). Ye aku dah cakap aku bengap.

Had the time of my life with the girls spending the entire night laughing eating dancing and playing cards against humanity which I am now the master of. I kept pressing them to share with me how they had planned for the entire day but bitches kept mum about it. I was only told they were so many red flags but it was so successful??? Or am I really that blur???? Also found out there were no free trials at Karva :’) S/L had no work. R/N were late for lunch because they were helping to set up the place. I basically got played. Had to take urgent leave the next day so I could sleep over.

I’m bringing them out for lunch this Saturday to gift them the matching fabrics and discuss itinerary. Most would have both bridesmaids and groomsmen meet at this stage but I don’t think we’ll be having it. Not sure if it’s okay? Should I leave this to my fiance to settle? Honestly lately it feels like I’m planning everything and he’s just making a special guest appearance haha 😦

Less than 50 days now. Don’t even know what else I need to settle.


Bride’s Girl Gang


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I didn’t know I was going to have bridesmaids until my four girlfriends sternly and confidently asked said, “we are going to be your bridesmaids, RIGHT?” lol. I was put on the spot so I obviously had to say yes. Just kidding lah, I have been toying with the idea of having my own bride’s brigade and there’s really no one who’s more fitting than these girls. Quite literally cos they’re my only friends HAHAHAH!! And like, we live just a few blocks away from one another so it’ll be easy for me to pull a “malam ni korang free kan? tolong mak aku pack berkat pls?” or “tengok tengokkan eh dari tingkap kalau pelamin roboh ke tak” haha.

I thought bridesmaids were completely unnecessary until I saw my brother’s groomsmen. He had like around 10 okay wth?? While my sil had none?? Asal perangai bridezilla sangat ni isn’t it usually the other way round haha. Despite seeing how hard they worked on his wedding day, I still have no idea the roles my bridesmaids should take on seh….. I have only been a bridesmaid once and I was a completely useless one at it. And it was one of my closest friends’ wedding somemore. Menyesal gila and I still shudder at the thought of how useless I was haha.

So anyway.. yah. What help did you girls get (or planning to get) from your own squad? Someone to run the event and ensure the itinerary is being followed? Bride’s right-hand woman and mak andam replacement when she leaves? Side hostess to help your parents and guide guests to them and gather families for photo taking? Someone to liaise with vendors and make payments?


But okay this is something I’m quite curious about. The outfits they’ll be wearing. I’m not gonna make them wear Poplook dresses because it’s not them and I know they won’t wear it again. Does the bride pay for this or do they fork out on their own…? I’m leaning towards the former but if I’m already providing them the fabric, do I still pay to get them tailored or this is them? Isn’t it also troublesome to get my girls go through the hassle of having something tailored? The last thing I want is for my family and friends to feel my wedding is a burden seh 😦