Unpopular opinion


I am very sick of hearing all these hantaran talks that’s been circulating online. And I think it’s because I’m in the wedding planning phase that I’m easily triggered by all the comments made by netizens. You know how some people (mostly Malaysian women on facebook) say things like they only spent this little amount for their wedding? Because they decided to eliminate all these unnecessary spendings? Like having just mas kahwin with no hantaran. Or holding a walimah for nothing more than 100 pax. Yes, the most blessed marriage (nikah) is the one with the least expenses. But man, it seems like you’re doing the humble bragging. And it gets me everytime. It’s like you’re shaming those who chose to have a lavish wedding with five live stations and $20,000 hantaran. I know, or I hope at least, that it’s not your intention. Sigh. Why am I so affected with this.

Bride’s Girl Gang


(Photo Credit: Hafizudin Hamdan)

I didn’t know I was going to have bridesmaids until my four girlfriends sternly and confidently asked said, “we are going to be your bridesmaids, RIGHT?” lol. I was put on the spot so I obviously had to say yes. Just kidding lah, I have been toying with the idea of having my own bride’s brigade and there’s really no one who’s more fitting than these girls. Quite literally cos they’re my only friends HAHAHAH!! And like, we live just a few blocks away from one another so it’ll be easy for me to pull a “malam ni korang free kan? tolong mak aku pack berkat pls?” or “tengok tengokkan eh dari tingkap kalau pelamin roboh ke tak” haha.

I thought bridesmaids were completely unnecessary until I saw my brother’s groomsmen. He had like around 10 okay wth?? While my sil had none?? Asal perangai bridezilla sangat ni isn’t it usually the other way round haha. Despite seeing how hard they worked on his wedding day, I still have no idea the roles my bridesmaids should take on seh….. I have only been a bridesmaid once and I was a completely useless one at it. And it was one of my closest friends’ wedding somemore. Menyesal gila and I still shudder at the thought of how useless I was haha.

So anyway.. yah. What help did you girls get (or planning to get) from your own squad? Someone to run the event and ensure the itinerary is being followed? Bride’s right-hand woman and mak andam replacement when she leaves? Side hostess to help your parents and guide guests to them and gather families for photo taking? Someone to liaise with vendors and make payments?


But okay this is something I’m quite curious about. The outfits they’ll be wearing. I’m not gonna make them wear Poplook dresses because it’s not them and I know they won’t wear it again. Does the bride pay for this or do they fork out on their own…? I’m leaning towards the former but if I’m already providing them the fabric, do I still pay to get them tailored or this is them? Isn’t it also troublesome to get my girls go through the hassle of having something tailored? The last thing I want is for my family and friends to feel my wedding is a burden seh 😦


Today marks our 7th month of being engaged. So this also means we’re 7 months away from our wedding. My wedding countdown widget says it’s 214 days to the big day. Also on the day we got engaged we decided to get married 14 months later on the 14th. We’re one month shy of our 4 years anniversary. Nampak sangat aku suka nombor 14 kan???????? Abeh nanti kalau nak beranak confirm semua anak nak keluarkan on the 14th lol I won’t be surprised kalau perangai aku macam gini later on.

The past 7 months haven’t exactly been a walk in the park. But we’re still here today, still so in love with each other just like how we were four years ago, if not more. We started this relationship knowing we wanted to marry each other, right from the beginning. It wasn’t that kind of relationship where we dated for a long while and only got serious and talk about settling down after say, two years. We got serious right at the start haha. It all made sense to me. Why some people decide to get married after a few months of knowing each other, or why some couples decide to have each other’s names tattooed on their body. But why only now, why only 4.5 years later to finally settle down.. I don’t know. I guess it’s just one of those things that’s been written for us kot?

So I’ve been thinking the whole day. If we can get through the past 7 months, I sure hope the next 7 will be easy for the both of us, inshallah.

Sis ada problem ni..

Assalamualaikum sihat semua? Sis sihat alhamdulillah and badan pun makin sihat ni astaghfirullah boleh kasi sis tips nak kecikkan badan selain pergi gym tak pasal sis adalah semangat sign up untuk jadi member tapi sejak bulan dua hari tu dah tak pergi lagi pasal malas nauzubillah. Duit pon burn tapi nasib company boleh bayarkan untuk gym membership so tak lah terkilan sangat hahah.

But no seriously though. Do you girls have any strict habits you follow so that that first bridal fitting wouldn’t be so tormentous? I have been trying to drink more water (but I always drink like 3-4 litres of water each day so this is easy) and stop on sugary drinks, eliminate fast food and cut down on rice, and stop eating after a certain time.. all these tips I’ve heard of lah basically since October last year (konon here’s to a better eating habit one year to wedding) but it’s been five months since those and I AM A HUGE FAILURE LOL. Every new month I’m like OKAY LET’S DO THIS NO JOKE but then every morning my colleague would ask what we want for breakfast and I’ll be like hmm that super gao milo peng from opposite pls? I hate myself.

A while back before I started this blog I came across this btb’s blog from 2013 and how she lost 26kg(!!!!!!) in 8 months. 12kg in the first 3 months and I was so motivated. I’m not the kind who needs her rice daily in fact I think I can go on without rice for a really long time. But ntah asal macam susah nak lose weight? I blame it on my lack of ability to cook and the inacessibility to get proper halal food around my workplace haha. Haiya actually aku ni banyak songeh and semangat seminit punya orang.

Okay lah okay tomorrow marks my 7 months to wedding so I will start this proper tomorrow. I’m gonna meet my fiance after work and makan besar dulu hahahahahaissss




I was reading through some of your blogs and realised there are so many of you girls getting married in the next month. Must be such a nice feeling to be counting down the days when it’s nearing eh?

Anyway. What is it about brides to be and (unnecessarily) spending so much money in the months and weeks leading up to their wedding day? And why am I one of these people? I am already making a list on what services I intend to set aside some money for?? Remember when I said talking about weddings makes me feel very superficial and shallow. Yes, this. Exactly this. Please tolong jangan kecam saya. I only want to feel good and also look the best for my husband 😦


I have about 7 years full months to my wedding and these are some of the things I want to do haha please don’t laugh. But probably after hari raya lah because that’s my favourite. To settle everything lepas raya.

  1. Facial
    • I’ve only done facials twice in my life, both times in someone’s house and I really liked it even though I don’t remember now what exactly happened. I loveee watching face massage videos on youtube and also those blackhead squeezing videos hahaha so it’s only right lah kot that I go for facials? Right lah sangat. Maybe take up a package like once a month and six times in total ke. As I’m typing this, I’m also watching this particular massage video and I am very sian that the person is not me.
  2. Massage
    • Konon macam penat gila buat wedding planning so nak relaxkan badan before naik pelamin. But will I even be that tired? And penat with what exactly? The other time I went for the wedding expo I saw SpaJelita’s bridal package going for $500. What the hell. I suspect it’s just a normal type of spa but put “bridal” at the front and you’re allowed to markup like crazy. My last two spa experiences were in batam and they were so cheap I want to go there again solely for this.  But I don’t think any of my friends are up for it and I’m also not keen to pay hundreds for the ones here. Maybe. Idk.
  3. Manicure & Pedicure
    • Hahaha nonsense kan. But hear my excuse: my hands and feet have been looking dry lately and it will only get more dry with time, and no moisturiser can help. Henna won’t look nice on dry hands and feet and I don’t want my photographer to capture this. All those shots of husband nak sarungkan cincin later also not nice. My henna artist will also appreciate such smooth hands to draw on hahahahaha diam lah sigh.
  4. Hair Spa
    • I have been wearing the hijab since nine months ago after I got back from my most fulfilling umrah trip. And I don’t know about other hijabis but I’m the kind of hijabi who is so, so, sooo lazy to take care of her hair. I used to wash my hair every morning before work because otherwise it’ll get super oily but I can go on with not washing for like four days in a row now. Which is disgusting and I hate it. I haven’t had a proper haircut since Oct’15. SO IT IS TIME. TO SHINE.
  5. Sugaring
    • Because… hehe???

To be honest I’m actually just using the wedding as an excuse. These are some of the things I’ve been meaning to do and I guess there’s no better excuse than wanting to pamper myself before the wedding itself. I’m sure there are so many people (aka my mother) who’ll be all like eeee suka nah membazir kan lagi bagus duit simpan untuk lepas kahwin nanti. Haha. So anyone who has recommendations for the above please hit me up!

Cik Hail jangan marah kalau Uji bertanya~

It’s not that I am extremely excited and eager to get married (actually I kinda am lah but I try not to show it too much), I’m just mostly curious at what marriage life would be like with my fiance? You know what I mean? Other than important family (birthday) dinners, we don’t spend time with each other’s families. We also don’t hang out at each other’s homes to laze around and watch tv. We’re very much family oriented people just not with each other’s families lol. Kind of surprising I guess since we’ve been together for almost four years.

So lately I’ve been thinking a whole lot about it .. coming home to a husband, weekends with a husband, getting ready for work and attending family functions with a husband. Is it just like my life now but with an extra person or would things be completely different? I’m not talking about the new responsibilities we each gonna have as a spouse but more on the day to day activities.Surely I’m not the only one who has such thoughts?

I hold back a lot. Amongst my closest friends of five, I’m one of the two who’s attached and I don’t even know if the other attached friend has plans to get married. Yang lain jangan cakap, asik travel every other month ntah mane dorang dapat leave banyak banyak. So none understands the phase I’m going through. I don’t plan to share this journey either until nearer to the date because I don’t want to be labelled as a kakak kakak kemaruk gila nak kahwin. Although I know they won’t think of me as such but I can’t help it haha.

I obviously share my feelings (regarding this wedding/marriage journey) with my fiance, I mean this whole thing won’t exist without him kot. But even so, I find myself not expressing everything. Ntah asal, the more I talk about the wedding, the more I feel very superficial. Like I should talk less on wedding, and discuss more on marriage. But it’s not like we can skip the wedding kan? It still has to happen. And in order for it to happen smoothly, we need to plan it swee swee. But everytime I’m planning it, again I’d feel like aku kemaruk gila nak kahwin. Sigh.

250 days to go as of today. 8 months next week. Nak cakap lama tak lah lama sangat, nak cakap cepat, it still feels like forever more. Everytime I think of October, I think of the things I have to go through first at work. The 3 more exam blocks, 2 more university exam board meetings, and the endless exams ughhhh.

Okay my fiance just texted asking to meet after work to do some planning. Love it when he initiates the planning heheh.



Venue horror

I nak ceciter sikit. I mentioned the other day I was supposed to meet this HDB officer sometime this week and I did. And I cannot stand her ya Allah 😦 Jumpa bawah block je terus, “okay so if you wanna make a tentage here I’d rather you not cos lat…” WEH baru jumpa kot! Handshake takde, tanye khabar tak nak terus bilang tak boleh buat tentage. She then brought up how this one wedding a few months ago didn’t ask for her approval to build a tentage at the walkway area. That wedding was of course my brother’s HAHAH but I didn’t say anything lah mampos aku kena blacklisted nanti. I confirmed with my dad and he said he didn’t know we have to inform of the tentage. But nvm, different story.

She yak and yak how it’s not okay because it blocks people’s way, especially when it rains and they have nowhere else to walk. I don’t know if you guys can visualise but imagine a long tentage that can hold 5-6 round tables minimum I think? She told me, “but if you really want a tentage here can lah maybe just put one table so people can still walk?” Ah ye, aku bayar almost a thousand to have it kau nak aku taruk satu table je lah? Sure okay boleh why not pasal important sangat kan nak kasi orang jalan macam takde tempat lain gitu. Pfft.

I get it lah. You’re just doing your job so I guess I can understand. But her aura.. my goodness. She looks much younger than me, maybe in early 20s, and she seems really proud that she has this power to forfeit the void deck rental deposit because people don’t want to comply to the rules. I know ni dah macam buruk sangka but I’m not making this up 😦 She literally said she’s totally okay to forfeit any deposit if I don’t ask for her permission. Aku punya MP baey yam keng pon tak cakap macam gini seh.

I can do the booking 6 months before so it’ll be 14 April, which happens to be a PH on a Friday. I casually asked her if this means I can only book on the following week on Monday and she said, “HAHA you no need so chun chun book 6 months before lah!” AKU PUNYA PASAL AH HOW SIANG AKU NAK BOOK!!!!!! Wah damn pek chek talk to her really.

I read somewhere how this bride couldn’t stand seeing all the old bicycles at her void deck so she decided to ask her town council about it and after a while with their help, she managed to get most of them cleared off the area. Ntah asal I decided to ask her the same thing when I know I will get an unbothered reply. She mentioned there’s a notice every few months for residents to clear their unused bikes or smth (I’ve never seen such notice and the old bikes have been there for years I think). This part I got lazy and I told her I’d better make a move first.

Ikutkan hati nak cakap je pasal cina mati yang sampai satu minggu……….. itu lagi tak boleh jalan but yelah, aku diam je. Siapalah aku.