Managed to secure my videographer of choice yesterday! Well.. in all honesty not really my number one choice but I really do like them! They do a lot of this aerial cinematography which I really love and hope they can produce the same for mine.

I started asking around 15 days ago and even after receiving a few quotations, somehow I still went back to Merah.In.Motion (MIM). They’re not the cheapest out of the lot but from what I’ve compared, they are providing the most. From the hours of service, to the number of videos I’ll receive, the complimentary outdoor coverage… and the best thing, $200 discount!! Which was totally unexpected and came out of nowhere but because of it, we managed to not exceed our budget for photography and videography combined.

Ghibli was the one who tried to set an appointment with them because I was really busy with work. And I hated it. It’s so messy and I hate not being in the loop, not being the one coordinating it all, not being the point of contact. Totally a bridezilla in the making, I know. I told him to tell the guy from MIM that we wanted to know more about the package and what’s included during the appointment but the latter was sorta implying that we should only meet once the both of us are agreeable to the quotation? Whaatt.. I know we’re all busy people but I was quite turned off by this? Ghibli said yes anyway and then the guy from MIM said if we signed the contract during the appointment, he’d give us a discount of $200 and suddenly I really like him HAHAHA!

So anyway.. guy from MIM seems really awkward and nervous which works well for Ghibli because he’s exactly like that. We talked about how annoying some relatives are when they decide to be the “photographers” and “videographers” and block the official ones out of the way? So he suggested that I should have a laser pointer and point to the makcik from the pelamin!! Irritating haha!! Can totally imagine I’ll be raising my voice from the dias and go all “cik, MOVE! saya dah bayar beribu for these people so OUTTA THE WAY NOW.” Mampos kena banned dari kenduri nanti. Nice chap.. he wanted me to send some of their videos that I like so they can produce a similar work. Totally gonna send the video above heh.

So yay! We’ve only been engaged for three weeks and I managed to settle four vendors already.