But stagnant I want to start planning for the wedding but we need to do something about us before I can do my researching in peace stagnant.

Lol yeah, right. I obviously began my research and planning prior to the engagement and obviously at that point of time Ghibli didn’t want to entertain me much because he subtly insisted that we should only focus on wedding preparations after we got engaged. But I am stubborn.

I didn’t know where to start but somehow I knew I had to secure bridal and photography+videography before anything else. And I was adamant to get these three sorted by end of the year (together with heavyweight vendors like caterer and decor). Besides, 14 months to the wedding isn’t too early when we have other BTBs securing their preferred vendors two years before.

I started to ask quotations from big names such as Col.ossal, TPP, Stu.diodua and the likes. I really liked the works of the first one mentioned but my God, what he quoted was crazy. And to think Ghibli and I considered them even after knowing the charges! We both had a budget for both photography and videography so if we had engaged their service, we’re only left with a pathetic amount for videography.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.36.32 PM

(Photo credit: Col.ossal Wed.dings)

Until I came across Sham.sydar (SA)! Jeng jeng jeng. Ghibli and I were sending each other screenshots of some photographers’ instagram pages. He sent me one of SA after his friend had recommended. Honestly, at first I wasn’t that all interested because my heart was still with Col.ossal lol what even. I don’t know what triggered me to email her but when she replied with her price list, I fell deeepp in love. The freaking price list was so beautiful!! And the package that I was interested in was at least $700 cheaper than the initial one!! I stalked her blog and instagram page even more and after a few emails I thought we might as well discuss face to face. So four days after the engagement, Ghibli and I met up with SA. We looked through her photobooks, she answered all my enquiries, had some good laughs, found out she was my brother’s ex-colleague lol, I was pretty much fangirling over her, more talks, and then I told her I’d like to make the deposit! No lah, I actually already knew I wanted her to be my wedding photographer. And she also already knew based on how I was obsessing in the emails.


(Photo credit: Sham.sydar

And sooo I couldn’t stop squealing to the boy over dinner!! Ecstatic at the fact that we had just signed our very first wedding vendor. I even got mad at myself that I didn’t bring a file along and got our contract all crumpled lol. Right now I am excited at the prospect of having a female photographer who can be in the room with me almost naked with my mak andam.