Alhamdulillah, dah halal!

So this is me, us ♥

It’s only been about two weeks now and I cannot stress enough how happy I am that we’re finally married. Relieved. Honestly I haven’t felt like a wife yet, and he’s mentioned it’s the same for him. Other than when he leads our prayers, don’t think there has been any situation yet where we feel like such husband and wife. But yelah, baru dua minggu kot. Nak buatkan air, dia minum air putih aje punya orang. Nak gosokkan baju, he’s mostly in tshirts yang macam tak pernah ronyok. You know what it feels like so far? It feels like kita masih budak budak time matair but mak tak kisah yang kita tengah berkepit dalam bilik. Kalau aku tahu siang siang aku kahwin hahaha. Can’t believe I initially wanted to get married next January. Gila.

I’m so glad the wedding is over. Really. The second in the group is getting married in six months and she’s stressing out so much and to think that I was in her position just last April feels so weird to me now that I’m married hahahahaha eh menyampah sak mengada ngada lah pulak. Glad lah pasal dah tak payah liaise with all the vendors yang buat darah menyirap (coughkompangcough). Nak buat review ke tak eh? Tak payah lah eh hahahais

But if there’s one thing I regret from my wedding is not tasting all the food available??? What is it about being a pengantin and not having appetite to eat eh??

Still can’t believe it’s over.. :\


Don’t say hornymoon! Cringy!

Whenever people ask where I’d like to go for my honeymoon my answer is always the same – somewhere that has a nice villa equipped with a private pool. I’m not much of an activity person (not so fun fact: I have a fear of the ocean and sky but I’d want to try parasailing.. confused, confused child, indeed) so I guess I’ll be okay if the itinerary doesn’t involve any of this kot? I just want to relax right after the wedding and nua in the villa all day long. As quoted by my future sister in law, “but honestly.. honeymoon.. if you go to a place that has a lot of scenery or activity, you may not take it up cos you’ll be occupied with your own activities..” Wallahu’alam eh, I’ll just pretend I don’t know what she means by that haha. Honestly, I get really uncomfortable whenever people equate honeymoon with lots of sex (banyak punya pretend tak tahu). I mean.. yeah.. that’s probably what’s gonna happen lol.. but tak payah lah say it to my face liddat…

So I have been spending the past two days reading up on Lombok, particularly Gili Meno. Which is an island recommended if “you’re travelling with a loved one and are a seeking stunning beach escape to set a romantic mood”. It was never in my list but it has always been in Ghibli’s for god knows what reason. We’ve argued quite a number of times while discussing honeymoon destinations and suddenly one day I dah pasrah and ikutkan aje kehendak dia. (Quite a sad fact: I have never travelled alone or with my friends. Obviously never with him pasal ada batasan hahaha). Gili Meno is a pain to get to and after hours of researching, I feel it’s best we make use of the villa pick up service which will cost a million rupiah per way. Boleh kot kalau nak sampai the airport and go je but we’d rather pay a little bit and have a peace of mind knowing that everything’s under control.

This place looks nice! Not many places in Meno have private pools I think. But then again, everything looks nice when they’re on the official website right haha. Then when you reach.. hampeh… but kk inshallah tak. I’m not sure if I’m excited about the place or just the prospect of seeing this part of the world with him hehe. We’re leaving on my busy period, right smack in the middle of uni students having their exams. But do I care? Of course not 🙂

Now 9 months is such a looooongg looooongg wait..