Alhamdulillah, dah halal!

So this is me, us ♥

It’s only been about two weeks now and I cannot stress enough how happy I am that we’re finally married. Relieved. Honestly I haven’t felt like a wife yet, and he’s mentioned it’s the same for him. Other than when he leads our prayers, don’t think there has been any situation yet where we feel like such husband and wife. But yelah, baru dua minggu kot. Nak buatkan air, dia minum air putih aje punya orang. Nak gosokkan baju, he’s mostly in tshirts yang macam tak pernah ronyok. You know what it feels like so far? It feels like kita masih budak budak time matair but mak tak kisah yang kita tengah berkepit dalam bilik. Kalau aku tahu siang siang aku kahwin hahaha. Can’t believe I initially wanted to get married next January. Gila.

I’m so glad the wedding is over. Really. The second in the group is getting married in six months and she’s stressing out so much and to think that I was in her position just last April feels so weird to me now that I’m married hahahahaha eh menyampah sak mengada ngada lah pulak. Glad lah pasal dah tak payah liaise with all the vendors yang buat darah menyirap (coughkompangcough). Nak buat review ke tak eh? Tak payah lah eh hahahais

But if there’s one thing I regret from my wedding is not tasting all the food available??? What is it about being a pengantin and not having appetite to eat eh??

Still can’t believe it’s over.. :\



I spent the entire half of my morning crying for superficial reasons like 1) how I really hate the henna on my hands (also not helping that I am having a throbbing headache and puked water since I haven’t eaten anything because I have zero appetite and all because of the smell of the henna), 2) I don’t like my bridal bouquet and I should have gotten fresh flowers but a lot of factors were stopping me but if I knew it was gonna make me cry like this, I’d have gotten all the fresh flowers I could, 3) I realise I can’t stand my nikah dress because it’s not me, it’s not worth the money, it’s so unflattering, it’s seriously not worth the money lah I have to repeat this twice. So.. I don’t know. All these three things will come together tomorrow morning for my solemnisation and I pray it won’t show on my face.

Maybe I’m just stressed right? I haven’t been at all this entire journey of wedding planning and suddenly today, of all days, I decided to burst out crying snapping at everyone sampai muntah muntah. And maybe it’s just pms and it’s making me super emotional?

Please pray for me that this weekend I’ll be okay and relaxed and tak mengada-ngada sangat


I’ve been typing and backspacing, typing and backspacing.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when it was 300+ days away to the wedding, to me getting married? And we’re now just five days away?

I have been so stressed at work because I am now left with tomorrow and Wednesday to clear as much things as possible before I go for my two weeks leave. But at the same time I just want to f it and go. My colleagues from other departments have been the sweetest now that I’m only days away. I wish I had invited them haha I mean I guess I still could but macam kurang ajar lah pulak lagi lima hari nak kahwin baru nak jemput tak ke macam siak tu

My period is still not here. I was telling myself ni kalau tak datang by Wednesday then good luck ah honeymoon kat beach but I forgot I made my spa appointment on Thursday so pls ah favour datang Thursday petang lepas balik spa :(((( Speaking of spa I had my first sugaring experience last Friday and I PROMISE NOT TO GO AGAIN OMG. Menyesal rabak okay maybe I’m just sensitive maybe it’s the four month old sugarist but I think it’s the latter ugh tak nak kangkang depan orang lagi ape lah aku buat ni

It hasn’t sunk in me yet that I’m going to be someone’s wife. In my head right now I’m just so excited to see my families gathering this week. Today I came home from work to my aunts and uncle putting up the curtain behind my bed and though it’s not really my style (haha), I’m loving it so much. Everyone’s putting in so much of their time and effort (and money) to make me happy and ya Allah I am so blessed. I love my family so much I want to cry and it’s not even my wedding day yet

Tentage will be up on Wednesday so Y can start putting up the decor on Thursday so pls lah jangan ada cina mati plssssss