100, soon


Selamat hari raya, everyone! ♥♥♥

Right now we’re in between the 3-4 months to the wedding, and next week it will be the start of double digit countdown time. I can’t believe how fast time passes by. The start of the year feels like yesterday but at the same time it feels like so long ago? I know 3.5 months will go by in a flash but I still feel like my wedding isn’t until a year from now. I haven’t thought much about the wedding itself, we’ve been mostly discussing about our life after like housing (boleh jadi bahan pergaduhan everytime we discuss this k) and our raya itinerary for next year haha.

We finally got our rings settled yesterday. Nothing fancy, nothing too simple either. It has a thick band and I really like it! There was one time I was at this particular Lee Hwa outlet and the SA insisted I get myself a solitaire ring and you know lah, I cannot wear a diamond solitaire. The one I’ll end up liking would probably cost $5xxx and the ones I can afford would look so dainty on my already thick finger. But he totally disregarded the one I had my eyes my on and said my choice is nothing as compared to the solitaire yang dia mati mati nak aku beli?? Sure it’s nice but ape ni. Ding dong ding dong here and there and when he realised that we were not gonna make any deposit that night, member terus brought us to the door and said see you again next time. Dia halau kita okay!!! So far all of the customer service we’ve gotten at other LH outlets were really good but this one made me want to vomit only pfft.

July should be the month where we get to select our outfits and I am soooo looking forward to this walaupun it’s at freaking toh guan. There are some outfits that I like but not sure how they’ll look on me and Ghibli so luckily this bridal can try try as many as we like. And only then I’ll decide what colors my girls will be wearing. We’re getting our nikah outfits done by RN and this is something I am absolutely dreading. I’ve heard quite a few bad/mediocre reviews and now I don’t know if paying an additional $500 was a good choice. The customer service is horrendous. I asked them to correct my contact number on the invoice which they got wrong and they were all like “because i follow what u gave me above” LOL yah I accidentally gave a digit wrong which I corrected within seconds takkan bengap sangat masih pakai number tu!! Ape punya alasan ni. Then a month ago I texted again asking when would be the first appointment and they said, “I will get bck to u regarding the slots ok. it will be this mth.” Wahlao that time this month is ramadan okay and I asked again lah kalau July boleh tak and then she gave me the blue tick. Something tells me she’ll end up calling that wrong number when the time comes. I don’t know if I mengada-ngada sangat but ya Allah I don’t want to deal with them lah 😦

My brother and his wife are only moving out exactly a month to the wedding. This means I have less than a month to turn the room into a bridal chamber. To get new furniture, to paint, to decorate in less than a month seems daunting. There are so many other things to settle, aren’t there? Decor, bridal, hantaran, henna. Dulu cakap nak do everything after raya and now that the time has come, I have no idea where to start. I’m still pretty relaxed. Don’t know if that’s a good thing.



5 thoughts on “100, soon

  1. Hey babe my experience w RN wasnt that rosy either. Collected my baju very very close to my wedding to be exact. Panic abit. Workmanship was bad for the groom’s outfit but mine was acceptable. We redid the whole groom outfit and altered mine at my own tailor’s straightaway. 😦 hopefully your experience wont be as bad so just bug them, cakap u need the outfit for photoshoot ke ape. And give them a deadline! I hope everything else goes well for you !


    • It was your post that I read where your husband’s outfits cannot make it ☹️ Did you show them picture samples of how you want yours to be? And when was your first appointment with them?


      • At first when i signed up for them it was xmas 2015. During the bridal expo. Then they said my appt will be before ramadhan (2016) so i thought ok.. makin dekat no response so i texted again (took almost a week to reply me, and i found out its his asst or brother managing the hp) and they said not yet cuz too early. By sept i couldn’t take it anymore so they made me an appt in early Nov . This is 3 months before my wedding so we were pretty upset. Moral of the story kena rush them and make some story up like u need to baju for a photoshoot (sounds legit).

        During our appt we specified we wanted baju nikah — baju kurung panjang for me and baju cekak musang for him. He drew the designs and we chose the fabric. Everything looked promising here. We left quite relieved even though it was quite last minute if you ask me. He promised the baju by mid jan latest.

        The baju 2-3wks before my wedding (late jan) and during the fitting, i found my baju mmg the design was nice and the fit was good but tje workmanship wasnt what i expected. The lace outer was smaller than the satin inner (so u can imagine gelebeh inside whole the lace was holding up the kain). Mine was acceptable but for the price im not so sure anymore. My husbands was a disaster though– kocek senget, kain transparent (they didnt even bother w the lining so please specify. Cuz kain is exactly my baju’s satin) and basically my husband said it looked like baju budak madrasah :/ even if the amount i paid was 500, if felt like 450 went to my baju and 50 went to his. Which is quite sad la.

        Also da last minute gile so sending back to his tailor was a NO cuz he said will take 2 more weeks. There was no allowance for alteration in terms of time. So we went to my tailor at arab st who did my dinner outfit n my bridemaids outfits who managed to complete a new outift in 1.5week (by the time da few days before wedding) LOL sorry for the long rant but i hope your experience is better.. my mistake was we were too slack and didnt demand much from him during the sms-es n meet ups


      • Thanks for this!! It’s gonna be three months soon so I guess I should start bugging them already. I’m gonna take the advice and say I need them for photoshoot three weeks before the wedding believable tak? Haha I really wonder if anyone had an amazing experience with them :\


      • Haha maybe at first yes but he got really busy cuz of the promotions and i think he prioritizes his works for celebrities for sure. Maybe yg jahit n potong pun bukan dia. Abit regret la. U need to bug them w smtg…or say u need it to match some accessories/hijab w mak andam or smtg! Hope it works!


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