5 months to go so here’s an update!

Marriage preparation ourse: Went for our 1 day course at Apkim yesterday and we found ourselves crying 20 minutes into it haha sampai the trainer said she’s never come across such cengeng couple during these courses. First half was the personalised session while the second half we joined five other couples and it was hilarious. Except for the part where the second trainer keeps making sexual jokes and I don’t know about you, but I HATE it when Malays make sexual jokes like I will honestly get so uncomfortable and cringe. Not saying I’m a prude but sigh. I understand the whole layaning the husband is a wife’s responsibility but the whole time during the course it sounds like as if wives are sexual slaves. Then the whole class started laughing when I asked, “abeh kalau isteri nak tapi suami tak nak?” and the trainer lagi boleh cakap, “kalau gitu suami tu bodoh namanya!!” I don’t know how to feel about this. Oh wells that aside, most importantly, everything taught ada unsur-unsur agama. I’ve also been attending marriage related classes conducted by Muslim Youth Forum since beginning of the year when I’m free and the recent one titled “Sharing Your Husband with Your Mother In Law” was absolutely amazing.

Kain for family: The family has also settled their kains for Saturday and Sunday. Lepas beban because we’ve been debating what colors to wear and my brother told me off when I said no to one of the laces because “bukan kau yang pakai ape!!” haha memang betul but NO.

Dulang: Tarte had their festival sale last month and Sephora had the recent black sale and with this, I spent a whopping $7xx on makeup lol I hate myself Banyak lah nak save duit. Some of the items will go on my dulang so I’ve got about three settled. Left with two more dulangs. Need to buy ring and last dulang next month so tak payah pikir pasal ni lagi. Such unnecessary spending haha ugh

Tok Kadi/ROMM: We can register this coming week and I’m not sweating about this since my tunang and his mom will settle on “booking” of the tok kadi. Initially wanted my uncle-in-law to be my saksi and I was set on this for months until I realise how come I didn’t ask my brother eh? My mom talked to him about it to see if he’s okay and he was like yes of course and then she said “okay jangan pergi mana mana hari tu” ??????? Adik dia nak nikah kot?? Mana eh dia nak pergi?? Kelakar seram mak aku ni satu

Wedding card: Talked to the guy on whatsapp (my aunt got me to liaise directly with him) and he sent me basically a million pictures of wedding card samples until I don’t know how to choose. Coincidentally he lives right behind my workplace so I asked if it’s okay to meet him during lunch time to see the samples in real life and he said okay so yay meeting him tomorrow to finalise. Then left with the details and hopefully can no longer think about this by end of this month.

I don’t know what else. Still relaxed. About 150 days left. I hope to not worry about this during Ramadan so I can fully focus on my much needed detox and cleansing myself haha. Things should start getting busy in July. Kalau July pon masih relaxed aku tak tahu ape nak cakap.


7 thoughts on “5 months to go so here’s an update!

  1. I totally agree with you on the sexual jokes thing. And from the POV of someone who is married, I also think your question was a legit one! I think it’s a flaw to think that guys want sex 24/7 and yes it’s also quite common for the wife to want it but the husband doesn’t at the moment!


      • Don’t worry babe. You’d realise that sex is like one of the least important things in a marriage. If I can describe marriage.. There’s alot of financial planning like about the house and future kids and all (which sounds stressful but it’s actually okay, it’s just two people discussing about building their future together!), alot of supporting each other through tough times (like when one person is having a shitty day there’s ALWAYS their spouse there to give a hug and hear them out) and of course serving Allah together (I’m not a fan of romanticizing ibadah, but I can’t deny that praying together with your spouse and hearing him recite is one of the best feelings). Marriage is literally like having sleepovers with your best friend every night just enjoying each others’ company, and you don’t need sex for that. It’s just a bonus. So don’t worry! Marriage is soooo beautiful and I’m happy for you that you’ll get to experience it soon! 😊

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      • Thank you so much for this! And I love how you mentioned about not being a fan of romanticising ibadah because sometimes I’m guilty of this and get carried away 😞 I’m definitely looking forward to this next journey inshallah hehe!

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  2. All the best for your Wedding! And thanks for reading up on my blog. I hope I’d be of some help with little tips here and there!


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