Unpopular opinion


I am very sick of hearing all these hantaran talks that’s been circulating online. And I think it’s because I’m in the wedding planning phase that I’m easily triggered by all the comments made by netizens. You know how some people (mostly Malaysian women on facebook) say things like they only spent this little amount for their wedding? Because they decided to eliminate all these unnecessary spendings? Like having just mas kahwin with no hantaran. Or holding a walimah for nothing more than 100 pax. Yes, the most blessed marriage (nikah) is the one with the least expenses. But man, it seems like you’re doing the humble bragging. And it gets me everytime. It’s like you’re shaming those who chose to have a lavish wedding with five live stations and $20,000 hantaran. I know, or I hope at least, that it’s not your intention. Sigh. Why am I so affected with this.


3 thoughts on “Unpopular opinion

  1. I know what you mean gurrrrl. I defo think its humble bragging too. Lain orang lain cara la right; rezeki masing-masing lor. Cheap/easy wedding also doesn’t guarantee your marriage will be blessed or devoid of problems.

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  2. i used to get annoyed by those posts too… some were insightful, but some i felt were trying to say how clever they were in cutting costs *rolls eyes* i hope you don’t come across any more of these humble bragging type of entries/posts!

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  3. Ish geram jeee! Need to define “least spending”. If im already trying my best to spent as little as possible but its still more than usual mcm mane. Senang orang nk cakap. Sebab they dont know whats happening around us and what are we facing. Different couole have different issues, and its a possibility that a couple might not even fork out any money cos the parents might be paying for all. Mcm nk smaaaaaaaaack jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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