Siapa cakap $50 to book void deck?

What happened to the cozycot malay muslim wedding forum and why did it close down?? 😦

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Does anyone know of any vendor/carouseller/ig store who does one of these customised rubber stamps? I don’t know what got into me but I feel like I want to have one of these and stamp on every single envelope of my wedding invites. The one I posted looks really great but I’d like to have more choices (read: it’s too expensive haha). If you had this for your wedding or planning to have please help a sister out!

My parents and I went to the town council yesterday to book the void deck. We made the booking for Friday with electricity and water too since my aunt will start her cooking on that night. Cooking on Saturday morning would be too rushing since nikah is at 10am? I don’t know. When will the decor people come to start their work? My aunt said Thursday night and that Friday night would only be for touching up but we’re only booking the place from Friday onwards so is this allowed?

There’s also a clause that states “no obstruction to sheltered passageway to ensure smooth flow of human traffic” (aka building a tentage at the walkway, the one that the annoying hdb officer sternly said no to) and I’ve been freaking out about this eversince lol. Especially when we’re planning to have a separate tentage just for the pelamin. Which will obstruct passageway even more. I’m not exactly a by the book kinda person but I’d rather not get into trouble? My dad told me not to ask the counter staff anything about it. If anything the clause said sheltered passageway and both the places we’re having the tentage at are not sheltered hahah. He was like, “Kita buat tentage so what? Majlis dah start they cannot do anything about it. They want to ban me from using the void deck to hold another majlis? My children are all married by then.” Fierce lah ni bapak. Tak dapat $300 deposit balik baru tahu.

But my ultimate worry is if there’s a cina mati happening before my wedding and by Thursday they tak nak keluar… I know they have to call the town council and the latter won’t accept if they wanna use the void deck if it might drag till Friday but we won’t know!! Janganlah ada jiran aku mati minggu tu 😦 For my sister’s wedding seven years ago, her reception on Sunday was supposed to be until 6pm but at 5pm like that, they came with the mayat and asked us to vacate lah!! I wasn’t at the venue then but I think we wrapped it up quickly so they could use the void deck since the mayat was already there waiting haha wth kan!! Block sebelah ada pe!!

Anyway something interesting – I don’t know if it’s exclusive to my estate but the first clause states to ensure there’s no kuda kepang performance?? Is it gahmen tak suka tengok orang in trance and makan glass?? Haha interesting. Aku pon tak suka.


Setengah tahun lagi gang!


I’m left with less than six months to the wedding (WHAT! where did the time go?!) and it has also been six months since my last (also the first) meeting with my caterer (who will also be doing my decor, berkat, wedding card, wedding cake, bridal room, sirih dara, bunga pahar, bunga rampai..) haha actually everything lah but saje nak type semua.

We finally had another meeting to finalise some things yesterday and I’m extremely glad we’re engaging a relative (the caterer’s my uncle’s wife) to be in charge of the entire wedding. It’s so easy to communicate and negotiate and she knows what I like and what I don’t and I can’t imagine having this kinda conversations with an outsider. I mean, how do you exactly ask your caterer to use the fish head from sunday’s menu to cook up kari kepala ikan for saturday night? Hahah. Sometimes I feel kita mengada ngada since tukang masak is sedara sendiri but she’s genuinely obliging so we’re all happy!

Anyway, just last weekend I was on instagram and I came across this super nice wedding card/berkat vendor from Malaysia and I was half begging my mother to let me have this and not use my aunt’s even though it’s all included in the package. She didn’t mind and I was already asking the Malaysian lady a million questions. Satisfied with the design and price quoted until she told me it will cost RM250 TO SHIP THE 600 PIECES OF WEDDING CARDS AND ENVELOPES TO SINGAPORE. 2 5 0 W T H. So I’m back to using what my aunt is providing. I’ll have to liaise directly with her wedding card vendor and I won’t know the designs until end of the month when he’s back in Singapore so we’ll see. Lesson learnt lah. Jangan gatal tengok tengok instagram kalau dah settle benda. Buat sakit hati je haha.

For this month I’m left to settle the rental of aircooler units, booking of void deck this Saturday, and buying kains for my family next Sunday. Yay! Excited to be busy with wedding planning all over again hehe.

Unpopular opinion


I am very sick of hearing all these hantaran talks that’s been circulating online. And I think it’s because I’m in the wedding planning phase that I’m easily triggered by all the comments made by netizens. You know how some people (mostly Malaysian women on facebook) say things like they only spent this little amount for their wedding? Because they decided to eliminate all these unnecessary spendings? Like having just mas kahwin with no hantaran. Or holding a walimah for nothing more than 100 pax. Yes, the most blessed marriage (nikah) is the one with the least expenses. But man, it seems like you’re doing the humble bragging. And it gets me everytime. It’s like you’re shaming those who chose to have a lavish wedding with five live stations and $20,000 hantaran. I know, or I hope at least, that it’s not your intention. Sigh. Why am I so affected with this.