Bride’s Girl Gang


(Photo Credit: Hafizudin Hamdan)

I didn’t know I was going to have bridesmaids until my four girlfriends sternly and confidently asked said, “we are going to be your bridesmaids, RIGHT?” lol. I was put on the spot so I obviously had to say yes. Just kidding lah, I have been toying with the idea of having my own bride’s brigade and there’s really no one who’s more fitting than these girls. Quite literally cos they’re my only friends HAHAHAH!! And like, we live just a few blocks away from one another so it’ll be easy for me to pull a “malam ni korang free kan? tolong mak aku pack berkat pls?” or “tengok tengokkan eh dari tingkap kalau pelamin roboh ke tak” haha.

I thought bridesmaids were completely unnecessary until I saw my brother’s groomsmen. He had like around 10 okay wth?? While my sil had none?? Asal perangai bridezilla sangat ni isn’t it usually the other way round haha. Despite seeing how hard they worked on his wedding day, I still have no idea the roles my bridesmaids should take on seh….. I have only been a bridesmaid once and I was a completely useless one at it. And it was one of my closest friends’ wedding somemore. Menyesal gila and I still shudder at the thought of how useless I was haha.

So anyway.. yah. What help did you girls get (or planning to get) from your own squad? Someone to run the event and ensure the itinerary is being followed? Bride’s right-hand woman and mak andam replacement when she leaves? Side hostess to help your parents and guide guests to them and gather families for photo taking? Someone to liaise with vendors and make payments?


But okay this is something I’m quite curious about. The outfits they’ll be wearing. I’m not gonna make them wear Poplook dresses because it’s not them and I know they won’t wear it again. Does the bride pay for this or do they fork out on their own…? I’m leaning towards the former but if I’m already providing them the fabric, do I still pay to get them tailored or this is them? Isn’t it also troublesome to get my girls go through the hassle of having something tailored? The last thing I want is for my family and friends to feel my wedding is a burden seh 😦


7 thoughts on “Bride’s Girl Gang

  1. Hey babe I think it’s really up to you and your budget. For me, I decided to get my bm’s tops for the nikah and bought fabric for them. Tailoring were their own expenses cuz it was up to them how they wanna design the Baju. Of course having said that, it’s good that you delegate work to them 😂😂 take it as a gift for their support la

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  2. My bridesmaids and groomsmen were responsible for ensuring that the itinerary goes smoothly and liase with vendors like wedding planner, DJ, mak andam, photographers and videographers. The MOH must be the mak andam’s assistant and stick with the bride and mak andam 24/7 to help with dressing up and changing outfit so that it’s faster. The rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen should also stick with the bride and groom, be alert to their needs and be their eyes, ears and hands. Cos sometimes we need to pass a message to someone or need something to be done, but as the bride we can’t just panggil2 orang. They liased with the DJ to assist with calling out guests for photo-taking also, but when it comes to calling certain extended family members, they had to work with my siblings cos they dont recognise who are my cousins/makcik/pakcik. Outfits wise, I bought each for them a shawl and kain, which they tailored themselves, cos I tell them to tailor it how they like so that they will wear it again.


  3. Hehe, not sure how helpful my input would be but after being a bridesmaid for 4 of my bestfriends, I think the role of your bridesmaids is mainly to hold the fort for you on your wedding day since you should be in total relax mode haha.

    Based on my experiences being BM for my girlfriends, we mainly took charge of time-keeping & jage the “prog” (most impt, i feel. so need someone firm!), took charge of coordinating/crowd control during phototaking bcus it can get quite kecoh! Some of us were also given the task to do live updates on ig, ensure mak andam/photog/videog & couple’s needs are met, like amikkan air ke, tissue ke, etc. Sometimes, things may happen at the last min so kdg2 since family kena layan tetamu, the BMs/GMs have to step up and remedy the situation, e.g kipas pelamin rosak ke, cake toppers pecah ke, etc.

    But most importantly, to help you and assure you constantly that the wedding is going super fine!


  4. Aww thanks for the input! Really helps! Jaga prog as in programme is it? Omg yah crowd control especially when my wedding will have more than 1k pax! I like the one being tasked to update ig haha so gonna make one of my girls be that person! 😂


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