Today marks our 7th month of being engaged. So this also means we’re 7 months away from our wedding. My wedding countdown widget says it’s 214 days to the big day. Also on the day we got engaged we decided to get married 14 months later on the 14th. We’re one month shy of our 4 years anniversary. Nampak sangat aku suka nombor 14 kan???????? Abeh nanti kalau nak beranak confirm semua anak nak keluarkan on the 14th lol I won’t be surprised kalau perangai aku macam gini later on.

The past 7 months haven’t exactly been a walk in the park. But we’re still here today, still so in love with each other just like how we were four years ago, if not more. We started this relationship knowing we wanted to marry each other, right from the beginning. It wasn’t that kind of relationship where we dated for a long while and only got serious and talk about settling down after say, two years. We got serious right at the start haha. It all made sense to me. Why some people decide to get married after a few months of knowing each other, or why some couples decide to have each other’s names tattooed on their body. But why only now, why only 4.5 years later to finally settle down.. I don’t know. I guess it’s just one of those things that’s been written for us kot?

So I’ve been thinking the whole day. If we can get through the past 7 months, I sure hope the next 7 will be easy for the both of us, inshallah.


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