I was reading through some of your blogs and realised there are so many of you girls getting married in the next month. Must be such a nice feeling to be counting down the days when it’s nearing eh?

Anyway. What is it about brides to be and (unnecessarily) spending so much money in the months and weeks leading up to their wedding day? And why am I one of these people? I am already making a list on what services I intend to set aside some money for?? Remember when I said talking about weddings makes me feel very superficial and shallow. Yes, this. Exactly this. Please tolong jangan kecam saya. I only want to feel good and also look the best for my husband 😦


I have about 7 years full months to my wedding and these are some of the things I want to do haha please don’t laugh. But probably after hari raya lah because that’s my favourite. To settle everything lepas raya.

  1. Facial
    • I’ve only done facials twice in my life, both times in someone’s house and I really liked it even though I don’t remember now what exactly happened. I loveee watching face massage videos on youtube and also those blackhead squeezing videos hahaha so it’s only right lah kot that I go for facials? Right lah sangat. Maybe take up a package like once a month and six times in total ke. As I’m typing this, I’m also watching this particular massage video and I am very sian that the person is not me.
  2. Massage
    • Konon macam penat gila buat wedding planning so nak relaxkan badan before naik pelamin. But will I even be that tired? And penat with what exactly? The other time I went for the wedding expo I saw SpaJelita’s bridal package going for $500. What the hell. I suspect it’s just a normal type of spa but put “bridal” at the front and you’re allowed to markup like crazy. My last two spa experiences were in batam and they were so cheap I want to go there again solely for this.  But I don’t think any of my friends are up for it and I’m also not keen to pay hundreds for the ones here. Maybe. Idk.
  3. Manicure & Pedicure
    • Hahaha nonsense kan. But hear my excuse: my hands and feet have been looking dry lately and it will only get more dry with time, and no moisturiser can help. Henna won’t look nice on dry hands and feet and I don’t want my photographer to capture this. All those shots of husband nak sarungkan cincin later also not nice. My henna artist will also appreciate such smooth hands to draw on hahahahaha diam lah sigh.
  4. Hair Spa
    • I have been wearing the hijab since nine months ago after I got back from my most fulfilling umrah trip. And I don’t know about other hijabis but I’m the kind of hijabi who is so, so, sooo lazy to take care of her hair. I used to wash my hair every morning before work because otherwise it’ll get super oily but I can go on with not washing for like four days in a row now. Which is disgusting and I hate it. I haven’t had a proper haircut since Oct’15. SO IT IS TIME. TO SHINE.
  5. Sugaring
    • Because… hehe???

To be honest I’m actually just using the wedding as an excuse. These are some of the things I’ve been meaning to do and I guess there’s no better excuse than wanting to pamper myself before the wedding itself. I’m sure there are so many people (aka my mother) who’ll be all like eeee suka nah membazir kan lagi bagus duit simpan untuk lepas kahwin nanti. Haha. So anyone who has recommendations for the above please hit me up!


8 thoughts on “#TreatYoSelf

  1. Hahaha i also set aside potential $$$ for the same things you listed down… i think it will really help us to unwind or wind down. God knows we need it. Im telling myself to look at it as “experiences” like experiences are priceless 😝
    recommendations… there’s auranur spa (can find on fb), spa by norfasarie and spa jelita je i saw. But i think prices quoted by auranur spa looks not bad so maybe you can check it out?


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