9 months to go!

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Ni kalau orang mengandung lagi 9 bulan dah beranak seh. And today is also our 45th month together gether. I haven’t done any wedding preparations since the last appointment we had with the caterer last October. All the confirmed vendors aside, I think I’m left with these to think about…

  • Marriage Preparatory Course
    • Very inclined towards the Apkim’s 1 day course because there’s the one on one session. Hoping to go before the fasting month starts in May. Maybe the earlier the better and we can treat this as a pre-marriage counselling because we have been arguing quite a fair bit while having wedding talks hahahaha 😦
    • Book by: February, to go in April
  • Henna
    • Asal lah inai mahal gila sampai $200!! Tapi dah tahu mahal tetap nak jugak. I am waiting for one to open her October slots and I’m gonna book it right away before I gatal see see another IG page…….. LOL totally just emailed two other vendors in between these sentences while browsing through instagram wth. My only criteria is that the inai cannot be so dark it’s almost black like what I see most of the time. Not nice okay macam hotdog terbakar.
    • Book by: The moment she opens her slot.. hopefully in March?
  • Venue
    • Bawah block sudah lah. So many people asked how come I don’t want to do at the CC across my house. Leceh lah okay buat kat CC nak kena layan karenah mak bapak aku yang suka rewang sampai 12-1am. This needs to be booked in April, six months prior. I have no backup plans so if the void deck is not available or if there happens to be some construction works then gg k I’ll redha with anything. Meeting with an HDB officer next week to discuss what’s allowed and what’s not. Don’t know if this is necessary but saje je pasal aku suka buang masa.
    • Book by: 14 April 2017
  • Tok Kadi/ROMM registration
    • Ghibli will settle this because his mom is close to one of the naib kadis. Really no preference at all. Though it’d be nice to get someone old and someone whose khutbah boleh menusuk ke jiwa sampai bila bila. Honestly I’m confused by this process. Need to read up on this more before the time comes so tak lah gabra sangat.
    • Book by: 18 May 2017
  • Wedding Bands
    • Okay this one I very excited! Sometimes when I’m shopping alone I’d pop in to look at the diamond ringssss hehehe. And still haven’t found anything that I like. Must stack well with my engagement ring but don’t want it to be too high lah, must have side diamonds lah. I recently discovered how wallet friendly (loljk, there’s no such thing as “wallet friendly” when it comes to diamond rings) cluster diamond rings are, as compared to a solitaire diamond. So this is something I might consider. My wedding ring will also be my mas kahwin most likely.
    • Settle by: July (during GSS period)
  • Dulang gifts
    • We’ve decided to exchange 5 dulangs each. My aunt and his sister will help us with the dulangs so no need to find a vendor for this yay! We have yet to finalise on the items but I guess this can wait? I have been controlling myself from buying anything at Sephora or any new makeup because I am gonna go all out for my dulang k.
    • Settle by: July (during GSS period)
  • Wedding Shoes
    • The only shoes that I like he doesn’t allow me to get because the heels look like… anal beads HAHA perangai kurang ajar betul. I don’t fancy the silver glittery kinda heels. Love the idea of clashing colors so most likely will be settling for Melissa since I can’t afford a Manolos haha. But this depends on the outfits I will be wearing so after July can settle lah hor. Kasut tak important sangat.
    • Edit: Banyak punya tak important sangat. This entry was drafted last week but today I found the shoes he made fun of on carousell at 70% of the original price. Brand new, my size, the preferred color, can do meetup in the east. So I get lor! Waiting for the seller to reply so I can make payment and close the deal!
    • Settle by: July (during GSS period) SETTLED!
  • Bridal Bouquet
    • Getting fresh flowers for a two day event doesn’t make sense.. right? I don’t know how to take care of them so they will confirm wilt by the time I sanding on my side. Not sure where I can get fresh looking artificial flowers. Not too keen on those ribbon bouquets either. I don’t know what to do 😦
    • Edit: Found quite a number of carousellers who can customise artifical flowers for bridal bouquets. One even does rental of her flowers at $10-$20 per day I think.
    • Settle by: August (after selection of outfits)
  • Wedding Car
    • Not important. Again, Ghibli will settle this because we’re using his brother in law’s car and he will also take care of the decorations etc. We’re just using the car to transport us from my place after the nikah to his reception so no need for anything fancy.
    • Settle by: September?
  • Kompang
    • He is not comfortable with the whole kompang/silat thing and my parents said there isn’t a need for this since we’re not going over to his side. But I want 😦 I cannot imagine how it’ll be for him to march in without any kompang at the back. Not awkward ke? Then after he sits with me at the dais what happens next?? I feel like this is something he might eventually have to give in..
    • Book by: =(

Actually quite a lot of things to settle I realise. But nothing that I can settle right now, in this month. Everything also wanna buy during GSS. Everything also think can only settle after selection of outfits in July. Left with appointments with vendors so need to know what kinda feel I want for my wedding video, any particular theme for the decor, come up with designs for our nikah outfits from RN, decide on the customised backdrop and props for photobooth. And also to finalise on the itinerary and timings for everything!! Oh yah, the bridal room which my mom has been obsessing with. And the kids berkat pasal aku suka sangat buang duit. And to have or not to have bridesmaids?

I suddenly feel overwhelmed and at the same time also feel like I can pull a “lepas raya ah nanti boleh settle” excuse for everything now haha :\


3 thoughts on “9 months to go!

  1. Hahahah part venue kelakar beb. and all your “aku suka buang masa” and “suka buang duit” i can totes understand hahahah i feel you i feel you on everything haha

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