Tolong buatkan itinerary please!

It’s December soon.. which means we have about 10 months to go.. which is very fast.. and slow at the same time.. but we’re still adamant about starting it proper next year. Whatever proper is heh.

I’ve always had this idea of having the nikah and bertandang on the same day because it’s so easy and orang cakap biar abiskan penat satu hari. This was blatantly rejected by my parents because they think it’d be too hectic? And “oh, kakak dengan abang nikah hari sabtu so yours will be the same lah” -.- The only thing my parents and I have agreed on is a big nope to a combined reception. It saves money but.. when you’re boyan and your mom would like to believe she knows every boyan in singapore.. it’s not feasible at all. Imagine 1000pax wedding, and your invites is 750 while the groom’s side is 250.. mana aci lol. Combined lah sangat.

So I was playing the nikah on saturday and sanding on sunday itinerary in my head for so many weeks until Ghibli’s mom mentioned all the caterers she liked are fully booked or they don’t do weddings for 500 pax. Less than a year seh, mane nak carik slot lagi. And now aku dah malas nak type panjang panjang so this will all be in bullet point:

  • Both side suddenly agreed to have his reception after the nikah on Saturday while mine will be the whole day on Sunday
  • Because it won’t be held at his SIL’s void deck anymore (which is 10mins away from my place and something I was extremely happy about cos it saves a lot of time on travelling back and forth) but at a restaurant in Orchard Road….. punya jauh
  • Which means the nikah in the early afternoon has to be pushed forward to in the morning at 10am-ish as his reception is from 12pm-4pm
  • Ghibli and I are okay with wearing the nikah outfit the entire day but my family were all like “ehhh ape ni pengantin busuk busuk sama baju satu hari berlengas nanti badan” and insisted we get our own baju nikah and have a change of outfit
  • Which I absolutely hate because I never had that creativity of designing my own outfit and I don’t know what kind of kain is appropriate enough for a nikah
  • At that point in time Raf.fiey Na.sir had their $550 promo and my father was sold when I told him about it and he got it for me (YAY!) but communicating with the person behind it is sooooo annoying somehow I’m not looking forward having to deal with this vendor
  • But wearing two songkets from Naw.warah is making me secretly excited hehe
  • My biggest worry now is the extra $$$ we have to fork out because there’s no way the whole two day event will be under 10hours for mak andam, kakak amek gambar and abang amek video 😦
  • The itinerary is also a headache because wouldn’t my Sunday reception technically be a combined wedding sans his guests? There won’t be kompang and would it be easier if he got ready at my place but this means there won’t be the whole bertandang pengantin perempuan duduk kat pelamin kena tutup dengan kipas is it? Vat is diz……

I am looking forward to next year. I am definitely looking forward to meet Ramadan again inshallah. I also managed to khatam the Quran again two weeks ago alhamdulillah and would love to do it once more before October next year. And lose some weight without having to give up spicy nuggets 😦 Research on a good and beneficial marriage prep course that won’t make Ghibli play twister with eight other men infront of the whole class hahaha..

Actually the more I see it, the more starting proper means changing myself as opposed to planning for the wedding.