Venue woes

(Photo Credit: Wed.Inc Pe.tals)

My siblings had their weddings at our void deck and I know for a fact that I’ll have the same thing. It seems to be the most practical and obviously the cheapest option for a two day event. Since the nikah falls on a Saturday, my parents would expect people to be coming then and stay till so late at night.. which I can’t have at a community centre. I think it’s unfortunate that there’s no mph in my vicinity otherwise I’d love to hold my wedding there. So I have never really considered doing it at any other venue until I realise how cramped and small my void deck is. There are so many pillars which makes the space very narrow, the letter box area takes up so much space, there are two bicycle parking racks and by looking at it you know they have been left there for what it feels like 700 years.

Having a small void deck means I’d (or my parents? haha) have to fork out extra cash for a tentage just to accomodate more guests. And we’re talking about thousands okay! Which I was very unhappy about when I found out it was the case for my brother’s wedding. It makes you think you might as well have it at a nearby cc but then you know it’s not gonna work out for a two day event and then you go back thinking about your void deck but got reminded of the $2,000 for a bloody tentage and you get upset and suddenly you don’t wanna do anything anymore. It’s a cycle.

One night I was discussing this with my mom and I suggested using the mph near my aunt’s place. I have never seen it haha but I think it’s huge and with the right decor, my wedding would be beautiful okay. I was that desperate lah. But how is that going to work out? Does that mean I’ll get ready at my aunt’s place? What about my dulang hantarans? Where am I going to put them? Or am I gonna get ready at my house and make my way to the mph? Where’s the convenience of going up and down the house to get something? Or can I book my friend’s void deck somewhere opposite my house under her father’s name? At least I can still get ready at my place and just cross the road to sanding right?

I’m obviously having unnecessary and shallow thoughts. My siblings’ weddings were held at the same small void deck I was whining about and they’re now happily married. No difference to their marriage status even if they had married at a $13,000 venue (joyden hall??).


2 thoughts on “Venue woes

  1. I trust your deco vendor will come out will amazing layouts, in shaa Allah, find your peace and time and settle down. If its meant to be yours, by hook or by crook it will be. Cheer up. At the end of the day, you gain a husband 😉


    • Yeah.. this is just the unnecessary worldly matters I’m unfortunately obsessing with at this point of wedding planning. So much focus on that I am forgetting about the life after wedding. Hopefully it’s just due to the excitement of getting married! 😞


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