Abang kahwin, adik yang penat!

Ah.. now that my brother’s wedding is over, it’s officially less than a year to my wedding. We picked the same dates (15-16 for him and 14-15 for mine) and he was so irritated when he was first informed because this means he cannot have a getaway on his anniversary. GOOD! Help your sister out and have a little reminiscent of your wedding, no need for getaway.

But alhamdulillah, the wedding was smooth with minor hiccups. Only on Saturday morning we were all stressing and panicking because.. PELAMIN ROBOH!! Sunday nak sanding.. pelamin takde!! There was a huge wind which made it collapsed and it was so embarrassing to be standing there and have passer-bys staring and some were even snickering!! Vendor came and got it fixed by late afternoon, phew. But with all the stress and panic, I could still sing pelamin anganku musnah which made my mom mad pissed haha. At least this happened on the guy’s side. If it was the bride’s side and people are already streaming in for the nikah… dead.

I feel like the only child now that both of my siblings are married 😦  The house definitely feels emptier right now but my brother and his wife will be staying over with us till they get their own house. Nevermind that this means I have to fight for the bathroom in the morning with two people. At least it won’t be so quiet. I’ll probably regret saying this two weeks from now hahaha.

We’ll be counting the duit salam tonight. I want to see if there are still people who salam with an empty envelope lol.


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