Aduh bapak! Dak dik duk hatiku!

THIS IS MY WEDDING JAM OKAY!! My mother’s brother got married when I was exactly a year old and I have zero memories of the wedding, obviously, I mean was a baby wth. But there were some videos of the wedding (was there already a camcorder in 1992??) and I swear I think this song was on repeat the entire time?! It’s like I don’t hear any other songs being played but this. So this is my only memory of my uncle’s wedding. When we were preparing for my brother’s wedding two weeks ago, I made everyone in the house listen to this on repeat and in turn they got super pissed with me. And you can bet what will be overplayed on my own wedding… BUT I LOVE THIS SONG. Especially the dance move at the 2:52 minute.

Anyway, happy update! I (okay fine, my father..) made the deposit to the caterer yesterday night! And the caterer is my.. aunt! Not the same aunt who had the song above on repeat on her wedding eh haha. A few days before the meeting my father had already created his own menu!! When he was reading the menu to me I literally felt like this ??!!??!?! You know how some people always say things like “oohh, bila agaknya dapat makan nasi minyak eh hehe” when they’re hinting about your wedding day? I have no answer for this people because there won’t be nasi minyak on my wedding day!! My father proposed a nasi padang menu to my aunt!! Rendang padang?? Sotong sumbat??? Mana seh dia dapat idea ni semua? I know there are many others who had such spread on their weddings but nasi minyak and ayam masak merah and SAMBAL GORENG PENGANTIN (T_T) is such a staple wedding food I thought I would have those! Pakkal it’s my aunt. Kalau tak takde orang agaknya nak layan dia punya tekak nak makan ayam kalio.

The package also includes decor, sound entertainment, invitation cards, and wedding favors. Initially I already had a vendor in mind to do my cards and favors, a package which will cost me $1,600. I thought this was okay for something that is so pretty (you know, those floral/watercolor designs that’s everywhere on instagram) but suddenly taking up the package seems much more ideal. $1,600 is a hell lot of money I get to save. Besides, the design of the invites in the package is those kinda cards you’d get years back case kena bukak sini flip sana which to me is very classic. Of course there are people who still do this lah yang sanggup drive up to johor but the ones I receive now are just single piece invites. Tengok lah, benda merepek nitty gritty gini yang aku focus on. Mana bapak aku tak bising.

And the decor’s pretty decent too! I had actually emailed at least ten decor companies for their rates because I was quite adamant about having a separate vendor for this when my parents decided to engage my aunt as the caterer. But they’re all at least $3,000 and I think it would have to come out from my own pocket and cannot lah guys, three grand is no joke. With additional stage/tentage at the void deck, inshallah everything will please my eyes. I’ll just get my aunt to inform me of the upcoming wedding dates she’s cooking for so I can kepo kepo and get the feel. There will be two decor companies for me to choose from and when the time comes, I’ll just work with the one I like more.

Also, my aunt asked if I already have a cake (again, I have one in mind that I want to use) and I was surprised that she wanted to sponsor me one! I think it’s one of those cake in a jar kinda tower because she kept showing me pictures of that. Alhamdulillah. I was quoted $300+ for my cake choice but between this and saving money, I’m all about the latter right now.

Things are going smoothly and inshallah it will be as smooth throughout this entire journey of wedding planning. I wanted to settle the major vendors by the end of the year but it’s not even November yet. I guess I can really relek now and save more money for next year’s expenses like barang-barang dulang and cincin kahwin.


Venue woes

(Photo Credit: Wed.Inc Pe.tals)

My siblings had their weddings at our void deck and I know for a fact that I’ll have the same thing. It seems to be the most practical and obviously the cheapest option for a two day event. Since the nikah falls on a Saturday, my parents would expect people to be coming then and stay till so late at night.. which I can’t have at a community centre. I think it’s unfortunate that there’s no mph in my vicinity otherwise I’d love to hold my wedding there. So I have never really considered doing it at any other venue until I realise how cramped and small my void deck is. There are so many pillars which makes the space very narrow, the letter box area takes up so much space, there are two bicycle parking racks and by looking at it you know they have been left there for what it feels like 700 years.

Having a small void deck means I’d (or my parents? haha) have to fork out extra cash for a tentage just to accomodate more guests. And we’re talking about thousands okay! Which I was very unhappy about when I found out it was the case for my brother’s wedding. It makes you think you might as well have it at a nearby cc but then you know it’s not gonna work out for a two day event and then you go back thinking about your void deck but got reminded of the $2,000 for a bloody tentage and you get upset and suddenly you don’t wanna do anything anymore. It’s a cycle.

One night I was discussing this with my mom and I suggested using the mph near my aunt’s place. I have never seen it haha but I think it’s huge and with the right decor, my wedding would be beautiful okay. I was that desperate lah. But how is that going to work out? Does that mean I’ll get ready at my aunt’s place? What about my dulang hantarans? Where am I going to put them? Or am I gonna get ready at my house and make my way to the mph? Where’s the convenience of going up and down the house to get something? Or can I book my friend’s void deck somewhere opposite my house under her father’s name? At least I can still get ready at my place and just cross the road to sanding right?

I’m obviously having unnecessary and shallow thoughts. My siblings’ weddings were held at the same small void deck I was whining about and they’re now happily married. No difference to their marriage status even if they had married at a $13,000 venue (joyden hall??).

Abang kahwin, adik yang penat!

Ah.. now that my brother’s wedding is over, it’s officially less than a year to my wedding. We picked the same dates (15-16 for him and 14-15 for mine) and he was so irritated when he was first informed because this means he cannot have a getaway on his anniversary. GOOD! Help your sister out and have a little reminiscent of your wedding, no need for getaway.

But alhamdulillah, the wedding was smooth with minor hiccups. Only on Saturday morning we were all stressing and panicking because.. PELAMIN ROBOH!! Sunday nak sanding.. pelamin takde!! There was a huge wind which made it collapsed and it was so embarrassing to be standing there and have passer-bys staring and some were even snickering!! Vendor came and got it fixed by late afternoon, phew. But with all the stress and panic, I could still sing pelamin anganku musnah which made my mom mad pissed haha. At least this happened on the guy’s side. If it was the bride’s side and people are already streaming in for the nikah… dead.

I feel like the only child now that both of my siblings are married 😦  The house definitely feels emptier right now but my brother and his wife will be staying over with us till they get their own house. Nevermind that this means I have to fight for the bathroom in the morning with two people. At least it won’t be so quiet. I’ll probably regret saying this two weeks from now hahaha.

We’ll be counting the duit salam tonight. I want to see if there are still people who salam with an empty envelope lol.