It’s still too early to countdown!

395 days so this give us.. 1 year and 1 month till the wedding!

During the three weeks after the engagement, I was busy with finding the right vendors, meeting them after a million emails exchanged, and the most painful – transferring them the deposits (I still shudder at the thought of spending $1k just to secure my dates). And now I’m just like…. there’s barely anything to do.

Everytime I scroll through my instagram feed and see posts on henna, invitation cards, and wedding cakes, I am very much tempted to email them for quotations.. when I know for a fact that this can be done next year. Besides, I’m not that fussy and have no specific vendor that I wanna work with so if they’re not available, I’ll just move on and choose an alternative. With 13 months left, I think I have plenty of time but I am just SO BLOODY ITCHY to do some wedding planning you know?! Especially when I have a lot of time at work and I’m seated at the corner and no one knows what I’m doing lol.

Two weeks ago my mother and I spent the afternoon at the wedding expo to look for a potential catering/decor vendor. I was initially interested in one of them and when I asked if they’re available on my wedding dates the lady kept saying “inshallah, kita masih ada slot” and then continued selling?? Only after going through the whole package again and again she checked her calendar and realised the dates are fully booked??? And then asked me if I’m willing to consider the following weekend???? Wah, joke.

I’m not looking to have separate vendors for catering and decor. It would be even better if they provide sound entertainment as well. But this one I leave it to my parents since they’re the ones paying hahaha. Though I have to put this on hold for at least until November since my brother’s getting married next month and we aaaalll have to focus on that wedding first. And if the vendor who does the catering and decor for my brother turns out good, we might as well use them again next year.

Shake leg first lah. Like this next year then can continue with the wedding planning.


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