But it’s my money..

(Photo Credit: O.la O.la)

Before I jumped into this bandwagon, I used to feel sick looking at the dulang hantarans filled with designer items. Ferragamo heels, Givenchy handbags, designer wedding bands. I kept questioning kenapa lah korang suka nah buang duit beli benda gini. Do you genuinely want them or do you, pardon me, just want to show off?

After a while I thought, if you can afford it, why not? I don’t think anyone in the right mind would splurge on such goods if they truly cannot afford. I don’t think anyone would go “I have this last $2k let me spend it on this Chanel wallet for my dulang instead of saving it for marriage!!!” I know they say perkahwinan yang paling berkat is a wedding with the least expenses. But if you have the money, by all means, right?

I’m not saying this to sedapkan hati because I have made plans to buy expensive branded things. LOL I wish lah.. padehal dah bingit sendiri pasal makan mcspicy for lunch for $7 when I could have gone to a mamak and buy mee goreng for $3. Ade hati nak beli Chanel.. puitt.


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