Where did my money go?

When I shared with a friend the budget that I have set for photography and videography, I think she was shocked. Sure, all she said was “wow” but that sounds like there’s a negative connotation to it, no? I might be overthinking but perhaps she feels I am spending a little too much on these two. On my wedding.


(Photo credit: D.Shootz Stu.dio)

I have said it before and I’ll say it again – if there’s one thing I can splurge on for my wedding, it’ll definitely be photography and videography. For the obvious reason that it’s the only memory I get to keep. I honestly don’t care about the little things like berkat and invitation cards (though I’ll source for ones with nice designs of course, I just wouldn’t overspend haha) and I also don’t give much thought about the venue or the decor. I spent quite a bit of time deciding on who should be capturing my wedding before I settled for SA and MIM. I had no interest to settle for 2-in-1 vendors with bundled packages, though they are a much cheaper alternative at less than $3,000 on average. I’m not saying engaging them means you’re compromising on the quality but.. I guess you just do what interests you best lah right? And I hate it when people say you are only going to watch your wedding video once so no point in spending so much. What do you know? Maybe I’ll make it a weekly ritual to watch it with my husband. Maybe I’ll force everyone to watch it during Raya.

On a slightly different note, wedding expenses are so scary. Before I made my first designer purchase (which cost me less than $1k), it probably took me six months of battling whether I should or I should not. Though I bet Ghibli was probably the happiest person because it meant he didn’t have to listen to me go “baaaabee, which color should I buy?” every single day for six months. But now, with the wedding planning, it’s like I don’t understand the concept of money anymore. In the last three weeks, I have made a deposit of slightly more than $1k. I only realised this when I was looking through my expenses app. It’s crazy! $3,000 for this? Sure, why not! Only $500?! That’s a bloody steal! God. And all this for a weekend wedding.

Now, how much is it to have Saiful Imran jazz up your wedding? Haha, just kidding.. too poor for that.


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