It’s still too early to countdown!

395 days so this give us.. 1 year and 1 month till the wedding!

During the three weeks after the engagement, I was busy with finding the right vendors, meeting them after a million emails exchanged, and the most painful – transferring them the deposits (I still shudder at the thought of spending $1k just to secure my dates). And now I’m just like…. there’s barely anything to do.

Everytime I scroll through my instagram feed and see posts on henna, invitation cards, and wedding cakes, I am very much tempted to email them for quotations.. when I know for a fact that this can be done next year. Besides, I’m not that fussy and have no specific vendor that I wanna work with so if they’re not available, I’ll just move on and choose an alternative. With 13 months left, I think I have plenty of time but I am just SO BLOODY ITCHY to do some wedding planning you know?! Especially when I have a lot of time at work and I’m seated at the corner and no one knows what I’m doing lol.

Two weeks ago my mother and I spent the afternoon at the wedding expo to look for a potential catering/decor vendor. I was initially interested in one of them and when I asked if they’re available on my wedding dates the lady kept saying “inshallah, kita masih ada slot” and then continued selling?? Only after going through the whole package again and again she checked her calendar and realised the dates are fully booked??? And then asked me if I’m willing to consider the following weekend???? Wah, joke.

I’m not looking to have separate vendors for catering and decor. It would be even better if they provide sound entertainment as well. But this one I leave it to my parents since they’re the ones paying hahaha. Though I have to put this on hold for at least until November since my brother’s getting married next month and we aaaalll have to focus on that wedding first. And if the vendor who does the catering and decor for my brother turns out good, we might as well use them again next year.

Shake leg first lah. Like this next year then can continue with the wedding planning.


But it’s my money..

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Before I jumped into this bandwagon, I used to feel sick looking at the dulang hantarans filled with designer items. Ferragamo heels, Givenchy handbags, designer wedding bands. I kept questioning kenapa lah korang suka nah buang duit beli benda gini. Do you genuinely want them or do you, pardon me, just want to show off?

After a while I thought, if you can afford it, why not? I don’t think anyone in the right mind would splurge on such goods if they truly cannot afford. I don’t think anyone would go “I have this last $2k let me spend it on this Chanel wallet for my dulang instead of saving it for marriage!!!” I know they say perkahwinan yang paling berkat is a wedding with the least expenses. But if you have the money, by all means, right?

I’m not saying this to sedapkan hati because I have made plans to buy expensive branded things. LOL I wish lah.. padehal dah bingit sendiri pasal makan mcspicy for lunch for $7 when I could have gone to a mamak and buy mee goreng for $3. Ade hati nak beli Chanel.. puitt.

Where did my money go?

When I shared with a friend the budget that I have set for photography and videography, I think she was shocked. Sure, all she said was “wow” but that sounds like there’s a negative connotation to it, no? I might be overthinking but perhaps she feels I am spending a little too much on these two. On my wedding.


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I have said it before and I’ll say it again – if there’s one thing I can splurge on for my wedding, it’ll definitely be photography and videography. For the obvious reason that it’s the only memory I get to keep. I honestly don’t care about the little things like berkat and invitation cards (though I’ll source for ones with nice designs of course, I just wouldn’t overspend haha) and I also don’t give much thought about the venue or the decor. I spent quite a bit of time deciding on who should be capturing my wedding before I settled for SA and MIM. I had no interest to settle for 2-in-1 vendors with bundled packages, though they are a much cheaper alternative at less than $3,000 on average. I’m not saying engaging them means you’re compromising on the quality but.. I guess you just do what interests you best lah right? And I hate it when people say you are only going to watch your wedding video once so no point in spending so much. What do you know? Maybe I’ll make it a weekly ritual to watch it with my husband. Maybe I’ll force everyone to watch it during Raya.

On a slightly different note, wedding expenses are so scary. Before I made my first designer purchase (which cost me less than $1k), it probably took me six months of battling whether I should or I should not. Though I bet Ghibli was probably the happiest person because it meant he didn’t have to listen to me go “baaaabee, which color should I buy?” every single day for six months. But now, with the wedding planning, it’s like I don’t understand the concept of money anymore. In the last three weeks, I have made a deposit of slightly more than $1k. I only realised this when I was looking through my expenses app. It’s crazy! $3,000 for this? Sure, why not! Only $500?! That’s a bloody steal! God. And all this for a weekend wedding.

Now, how much is it to have Saiful Imran jazz up your wedding? Haha, just kidding.. too poor for that.


Managed to secure my videographer of choice yesterday! Well.. in all honesty not really my number one choice but I really do like them! They do a lot of this aerial cinematography which I really love and hope they can produce the same for mine.

I started asking around 15 days ago and even after receiving a few quotations, somehow I still went back to Merah.In.Motion (MIM). They’re not the cheapest out of the lot but from what I’ve compared, they are providing the most. From the hours of service, to the number of videos I’ll receive, the complimentary outdoor coverage… and the best thing, $200 discount!! Which was totally unexpected and came out of nowhere but because of it, we managed to not exceed our budget for photography and videography combined.

Ghibli was the one who tried to set an appointment with them because I was really busy with work. And I hated it. It’s so messy and I hate not being in the loop, not being the one coordinating it all, not being the point of contact. Totally a bridezilla in the making, I know. I told him to tell the guy from MIM that we wanted to know more about the package and what’s included during the appointment but the latter was sorta implying that we should only meet once the both of us are agreeable to the quotation? Whaatt.. I know we’re all busy people but I was quite turned off by this? Ghibli said yes anyway and then the guy from MIM said if we signed the contract during the appointment, he’d give us a discount of $200 and suddenly I really like him HAHAHA!

So anyway.. guy from MIM seems really awkward and nervous which works well for Ghibli because he’s exactly like that. We talked about how annoying some relatives are when they decide to be the “photographers” and “videographers” and block the official ones out of the way? So he suggested that I should have a laser pointer and point to the makcik from the pelamin!! Irritating haha!! Can totally imagine I’ll be raising my voice from the dias and go all “cik, MOVE! saya dah bayar beribu for these people so OUTTA THE WAY NOW.” Mampos kena banned dari kenduri nanti. Nice chap.. he wanted me to send some of their videos that I like so they can produce a similar work. Totally gonna send the video above heh.

So yay! We’ve only been engaged for three weeks and I managed to settle four vendors already.


I once went to a wedding of a relative a year ago and after that day, I decided to have a photobooth service for my very own. The wedding didn’t have any, and all of my makciks and pakciks who rewang for the event were just sitting at the back talking and looking pretty bored. It was then that I thought if there was a photobooth, my makciks and pakciks could have spent the time not looking so bored. Haha excuses..

I would classify photobooth as one of those remeh-temeh services that I’d only start sourcing out for next year because seriously, it won’t make or break my wedding. But lo and behold, it’s the third thing that I’ve booked so far. On a side note, I’ve started looking at wedding invitations (13 months prior wth!) and at this rate, I won’t be surprised if I manage to place my deposits for everything before 2017 starts lol.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that photobooth is very expensive? One even quoted me $780 for 2 hours!! With a budget of $500, I wasn’t able to settle with anything. I had a few criterias such as unlimited photos for guests (because making them pay $1 for a copy is extremely ridiculous and I wish such package doesn’t exist) and it has to be in filmstrips and not a 4R print.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.31.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.31.46 PM

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SO NICE! Hur.hur Photo.booth also allows you to customise the backdrop, have a number of customised props, customise the filmstrip.. and it doesn’t exceed my budget by that much! In fact if I take the package with no customised backdrop, it doesn’t exceed at all! But lesser hours, of course. I guess I’ll decide on this nearer to the date when the itinerary is confirmed.

I really like the guestbook too! Not the usualy kind where guests will paste and write their messages messily. This one’s neat and for someone who has a knack for having her things proper and organized, I’d appreciate this very much lol.

I’m so excited for this! I hope I get the chance to take some photos at the booth even if it means I have to the leave the dais!!