The three coveted?

Every time I come across a BTB blog, almost all will mention the three big names – Pe.ti So.lek, Wed.ding Bro.cade, and Ish.q by Nora.Zee. And seems like they would do anything (like queue for hours during their open house) to secure a slot. I won’t deny though, their makeup and outfits are pretty nice but not that nice to the point I would bawl if they’re not available on my dates, you know? I got curious so I emailed them for their quotations earlier this month and obviously none of them are available. Pe.ti So.lek even mentioned that their slots for 2017 are all fully booked. I am not surprised, some brides can be crazy.

But I did get hold of their bridal packages though and surpisingly, Wed.ding Bro.cade is the cheapest out of the three. Of course, there are so many hidden charges like duit kipas, trial makeup, reapplication of makeup and even additional cost of $400-500 for the mak andam?! Cry. I even read once that for Wed.ding Bro.cade, it is part of their T&C that the outfits will be chosen by them but to let them know if you have any preference. I don’t know how true but I mean, of course I would want to choose my own outfit lah what the hell?! And for another bridal company not mentioned above, they have a system whereby you can only try up to 3 outfits for 1 category. I’m assuming 3 outfits at most for nikah, songket and modern? Member confirm stress okay. And don’t get me started on the $250 hefty price tag to reapply your makeup after you take your wudhu. As much as I want to understand that makeup isn’t cheap, it almost feels like you’re telling me I have to pay to do my prayers. I really don’t like that idea. So you’re telling me I have to fork out $750 extra to get No.ra.Zee to reapply my makeup? Ha ha… some people eh.



(Photo credit: @the.pocket.tissue)

Nice, right?! From the flowers, to the lack of henna on her hands, to the awkward high socks haha. This really makes me want to get a bold color wedding shoes rather than the usual white/silver glitter heels… *googles for the price for a pair of manolos*

My chosen bridal will be blogged in the next entry. I think there’s too much negativity in this one post alone lol.


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