Honestly, the engagement has been a long time coming. We’ve been together for almost 3.5 years and we know when we’d like to get married but the relationship has been.. stagnant. Not stagnant we’re unhappy and you’re boring me stagnant, obviously. But stagnant I want to start planning for the wedding but we need to do something about us before I can do my researching in peace stagnant. You know, to just move on to the next phase in our relationship? So we got engaged!

His family came over two weeks prior for raya visiting and to merisik. It was also the first time our families meet. Awkward nak mampos! Initially I had plans to tie the knot in January 2018 so that will give me 1.5 years to slowly plan for the wedding. Besides, my brother will be getting married this October 2016 and I’d want to wait at least a year before it’s my turn but EVERYONE rejected. My parents, his mother, and Ghibli himself wanted the wedding to be next year. Semua macam dah tak sanggup nak tanggung dosa kita already ha ha..

With that, we bought my ring on the very next day! It’s a very simple eternity ring that I’ve been eyeing on the past three months. It was within our his budget and it was exactly what I wanted so I’m a very happy girl indeed.


My ring looks pathetic as compared to my future mother-in-law’s :’)

My engagement was very small and private (lol seriously nak step mana punya exclusive members only private sale) where my father invited his older brother and younger sister to ~represent~ and on Ghibli’s side it was just his direct family. 1.5 episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race later, his mother came into the room to put the ring on my finger! Is it just like that I’m now tunang orang?

And now with 14 months to the wedding, I can research and plan it all in peace. I think.


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