When I first came across Naw.warah Bri.dal earlier this year, it was almost love at first sight. They’re so modest yet (and for lack of a better word) so glamarous. Back then, I haven’t donned the hijab but I was already in the process of wearing it (lol wat) so I knew I was going to be a bride who wears a.. hijab. What is this awkward sentence structuring… And Naw.warah’s brides are mostly hijabis so yay! I am also madly in love with the veil over the hijab look and I’m gonna make sure I have these veil for all of my three outfits I don’t care!!

(Photo credit: @naw.warah.bri.dal)

I’m not gonna lie, when I received the package list, I was a little surprised because they’re not cheap at all. They’re in the range of those three most coveted bridal services and I was honestly expecting something lesser considering they’re new in the industry, I think. But when I scrutinized the 3 outfits package and did my cost comparison breakdown in my spreadsheet, they’re the most affordable of all. BECAUSE:

1) No additional charges for reapplication of makeup due to prayers. My mak andam will remove every single bit of makeup on my face, let me do my prayers, and then reapply my makeup. Though I honestly don’t think brides remove everything because reapplying will take an additional hour right? I don’t know but that’s $250 saved.

2)  No fixed amount of Duit Kipas. I was told that the mak andam doesn’t usually take this duit kipas from the bride but I don’t know if I can do that, to not give when it’s due. Actually I have no idea what is the purpose of duit kipas. Is it a tradition? Is it tips? Aren’t we already paying thousands of dollars for the bridal package? My take is that it’s just like a compensation for the transportation cost, carrying the huge makeup bag to and from, following the bride back and forth. But if she really doesn’t take, that’s at least $100 saved.

3) The package is inclusive of 1 Trial Makeup. It is part of Wed.ding Bro.cade’s T&C that clients with sensitive skin should request for a trial makeup at $150. With.Love.Yu.Mi also charges $200 for this service. Naw.warah will do the trial makeup on the last fitting so by then you’d already know how you’ll look like on your wedding day. Dah macam tak surprise but at least tak terperanjat beruk kalau tak lawa kan?! Just kidding, Naw.warah’s brides tak pernah tak lawa lol. With this, that’s at least another $100 saved.

That’s already $450 leh!!

A week after the engagement, Ghibli and I took leave (ooh, it’s the start of taking leaves for wedding appointments) on Monday for our appointment. The only setback that I have is that the office is located at freaking TOH GUAN. JURONG. WE LIVE IN TAMPINES. I wanted to cry when I saw the location in the email but dah suka punya pasal. His mom was also questioning why we decided on a bridal that’s so far away. She was like, “Asal jauh sangat?! Ambik lah yang dekat sikit macam Fa.timah Moh.sin!!” AMBOI. Tapi kalau cik nak bayarkan maybe saya consider….

Anyway, when we arrived in the office, my eyes darted straight to the outfits and I just wanted to touch them all omg… But I had to play my cool and discuss whatever necessary. Ghibli was very quiet it was like he didn’t know what was the point of the meeting but whatever really lol. Found out that I was the only slot for that weekend which means I’ll have Na.tasha as my mak andam. See, so good first come first serve basis. No need to fork out additional hundreds for this. 45 minutes of discussion and she finally asked if I wanted to see the outfits!!

(Photo credit: @naw.warah.bri.dal)

Omg :’) I was so in love with everything I really don’t know how to pick my outfits on my first fitting next year. I was told that I could try as many outfits as I wished! On my fitting day lah, not on the first appointment. Which is good because these dresses may look nice displayed but they’ll look otherwise on my body. And that’s always the case, no? Lol.

It’s a bummer knowing that brides who secured their slots in 2015 have the luxury of getting 3 customised outfits AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. They are entitled to first-time wear outfits!! Whereas I can only select my outfits off the shelves. But I am not complaining. I don’t mind wearing outfits worn by many other brides. By the time it’s my wedding in October next year, I’d be spoilt for choices too. I trust these BTBs to customise such luxurious pieces haha.

Sigh, I really cannot wait for Ghibli to drive up all the way to bloody Toh Guan again for our first fitting…


The three coveted?

Every time I come across a BTB blog, almost all will mention the three big names – Pe.ti So.lek, Wed.ding Bro.cade, and Ish.q by Nora.Zee. And seems like they would do anything (like queue for hours during their open house) to secure a slot. I won’t deny though, their makeup and outfits are pretty nice but not that nice to the point I would bawl if they’re not available on my dates, you know? I got curious so I emailed them for their quotations earlier this month and obviously none of them are available. Pe.ti So.lek even mentioned that their slots for 2017 are all fully booked. I am not surprised, some brides can be crazy.

But I did get hold of their bridal packages though and surpisingly, Wed.ding Bro.cade is the cheapest out of the three. Of course, there are so many hidden charges like duit kipas, trial makeup, reapplication of makeup and even additional cost of $400-500 for the mak andam?! Cry. I even read once that for Wed.ding Bro.cade, it is part of their T&C that the outfits will be chosen by them but to let them know if you have any preference. I don’t know how true but I mean, of course I would want to choose my own outfit lah what the hell?! And for another bridal company not mentioned above, they have a system whereby you can only try up to 3 outfits for 1 category. I’m assuming 3 outfits at most for nikah, songket and modern? Member confirm stress okay. And don’t get me started on the $250 hefty price tag to reapply your makeup after you take your wudhu. As much as I want to understand that makeup isn’t cheap, it almost feels like you’re telling me I have to pay to do my prayers. I really don’t like that idea. So you’re telling me I have to fork out $750 extra to get No.ra.Zee to reapply my makeup? Ha ha… some people eh.



(Photo credit: @the.pocket.tissue)

Nice, right?! From the flowers, to the lack of henna on her hands, to the awkward high socks haha. This really makes me want to get a bold color wedding shoes rather than the usual white/silver glitter heels… *googles for the price for a pair of manolos*

My chosen bridal will be blogged in the next entry. I think there’s too much negativity in this one post alone lol.


But stagnant I want to start planning for the wedding but we need to do something about us before I can do my researching in peace stagnant.

Lol yeah, right. I obviously began my research and planning prior to the engagement and obviously at that point of time Ghibli didn’t want to entertain me much because he subtly insisted that we should only focus on wedding preparations after we got engaged. But I am stubborn.

I didn’t know where to start but somehow I knew I had to secure bridal and photography+videography before anything else. And I was adamant to get these three sorted by end of the year (together with heavyweight vendors like caterer and decor). Besides, 14 months to the wedding isn’t too early when we have other BTBs securing their preferred vendors two years before.

I started to ask quotations from big names such as Col.ossal, TPP, Stu.diodua and the likes. I really liked the works of the first one mentioned but my God, what he quoted was crazy. And to think Ghibli and I considered them even after knowing the charges! We both had a budget for both photography and videography so if we had engaged their service, we’re only left with a pathetic amount for videography.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.36.32 PM

(Photo credit: Col.ossal Wed.dings)

Until I came across Sham.sydar (SA)! Jeng jeng jeng. Ghibli and I were sending each other screenshots of some photographers’ instagram pages. He sent me one of SA after his friend had recommended. Honestly, at first I wasn’t that all interested because my heart was still with Col.ossal lol what even. I don’t know what triggered me to email her but when she replied with her price list, I fell deeepp in love. The freaking price list was so beautiful!! And the package that I was interested in was at least $700 cheaper than the initial one!! I stalked her blog and instagram page even more and after a few emails I thought we might as well discuss face to face. So four days after the engagement, Ghibli and I met up with SA. We looked through her photobooks, she answered all my enquiries, had some good laughs, found out she was my brother’s ex-colleague lol, I was pretty much fangirling over her, more talks, and then I told her I’d like to make the deposit! No lah, I actually already knew I wanted her to be my wedding photographer. And she also already knew based on how I was obsessing in the emails.


(Photo credit: Sham.sydar

And sooo I couldn’t stop squealing to the boy over dinner!! Ecstatic at the fact that we had just signed our very first wedding vendor. I even got mad at myself that I didn’t bring a file along and got our contract all crumpled lol. Right now I am excited at the prospect of having a female photographer who can be in the room with me almost naked with my mak andam.


Honestly, the engagement has been a long time coming. We’ve been together for almost 3.5 years and we know when we’d like to get married but the relationship has been.. stagnant. Not stagnant we’re unhappy and you’re boring me stagnant, obviously. But stagnant I want to start planning for the wedding but we need to do something about us before I can do my researching in peace stagnant. You know, to just move on to the next phase in our relationship? So we got engaged!

His family came over two weeks prior for raya visiting and to merisik. It was also the first time our families meet. Awkward nak mampos! Initially I had plans to tie the knot in January 2018 so that will give me 1.5 years to slowly plan for the wedding. Besides, my brother will be getting married this October 2016 and I’d want to wait at least a year before it’s my turn but EVERYONE rejected. My parents, his mother, and Ghibli himself wanted the wedding to be next year. Semua macam dah tak sanggup nak tanggung dosa kita already ha ha..

With that, we bought my ring on the very next day! It’s a very simple eternity ring that I’ve been eyeing on the past three months. It was within our his budget and it was exactly what I wanted so I’m a very happy girl indeed.


My ring looks pathetic as compared to my future mother-in-law’s :’)

My engagement was very small and private (lol seriously nak step mana punya exclusive members only private sale) where my father invited his older brother and younger sister to ~represent~ and on Ghibli’s side it was just his direct family. 1.5 episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race later, his mother came into the room to put the ring on my finger! Is it just like that I’m now tunang orang?

And now with 14 months to the wedding, I can research and plan it all in peace. I think.